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  1. I'm interested in adding some video capture to my underwater stills photography. It doesn't look too promising to get a new rig anytime soon so I've been thinking about the addition of a small video setup to my Ikelite/D300 DSLR housing. Current possibilities are the GoPro Hero3 or 2, or maybe even a Veho Muvi HD. Both cameras come with all kinds of mounts but I don't know if there's one for what I want to do. Anyone have a solution? An image or link would be great if you've actually done it or seen one out there. I guess I'm wondering how these super wide-angle cameras can shoot beyond the housing lens port without including it. I don't want to add a lot of height but is there a way to mount the video cam a little forward, either on top or bottom? In case it needs to be stated, I have no experience with this type of camera and am very open to suggestions. Final product is hopefully a slideshow with a little video for family and friends and maybe posted to youtube.
  2. You mention ACR in your description of the problem. Just to clarify, ACR - Adobe Camera Raw - is an Adobe product. It has nothing to do with Nikon software. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, etc., require it for raw file processing. It is no longer recommended to use the standalone Nikon Transfer program. Use Transfer that is part of ViewNX 2. Nikon says the standalone Transfer software is "for older computers only." (You will have to click on "Nikon Transfer" or scroll down to the Nikon Transfer section to see it.) In Nikon's description of ViewNX 2, they state (last bullet), "Please note that the transfer function will not transfer images from serial connected cameras. Use of a memory card reader is recommended." You did not mention how you were transferring, but I thought I'd mention it. You may know all of this but I was not clear on how you were actually trying to transfer your images.
  3. I sold a flash unit on eBay in October. While I did get a good buck for it, after paying about 12% in fees (9% to eBay and 3% to PayPal) the extra eyeballs and bidders didn't really net much to me. With that said, the flash was gone in 7 days and I had my money to squander elsewhere. They did, however, freeze the funds for almost a week. I guess some sellers take the money and don't send anything to the buyer. eBay worked for me in this case because I started the bidding low and took my chances.
  4. John - I have been considering doing this with my Ikelite housing but thought the wide view of the GoPro would include parts of my housing. Do you have a picture of your rig and/or some sample video anywhere?
  5. Something going on here. That thread title was actually mine, posted yesterday, but now attached to this topic. My original topic seems to be gone. I posted another topic questioning whether there is some forum/file corruption going on.
  6. Are you sure or are you guessing? My original topic had two links to videos. The other topic asked a specific question about video compression formats. Totally different topics.
  7. Yesterday I posted a topic titled, "Dolphin seeks diver's help." Today the title is still there, but it is attached to another topic. Something going on at Wetpixel?
  8. Check out this video showing a dolphin with a hook and line embedded/tangled in one of its pectoral fins, approaching a diver, then waiting patiently while the diver cuts the line and attempts to remove the hook. Kudos to diver Keller Laros and videographer Martina S. Wing. Amazing! Long version (8:31, no narration, no advertisement): http://www.wimp.com/dolphinseeks/ Shorter version with narration and 30-second ad: http://www.cbsnews.c...h/?id=50139493n
  9. Last winter I dove in Cozumel off Dive with Martin's fast boats. The rinse tanks were just small buckets more suited to a couple of P&S housings than my DSLR rig. I thought of using a soft-sided cooler like those mentioned here but felt the weight would be too much. Isn't a cooler filled with water and a housing heavy, awkward, cumbersome, etc.? How much water are you putting in the bag?
  10. Looking for a problem-free cord. Please let me know what you have and we can discuss your best price off line. Thanks...
  11. Always look forward to each new issue. Teaches me; inspires; takes me away. Can't ask for more from a magazine...
  12. I just saw one on eBay in the U.S. here. No lenses, just the body. Note I am not associated with the seller in any way.
  13. My waiting-for-a-better-price strategy is paying off. I can now get a used copy for only $499USD. Interesting that there were only two copies available when I posted the original topic; now there are four. Wetpixel members selling, perhaps?
  14. I see that Amazon has two copies for sale: the new one is $7,992.71USD and the used copy is a whopping $8,703.45USD. Those prices don't include shipping Boy Alex, this must be one great book!
  15. The only extra port I have is for an AF Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8D lens (not the newer VR lens). It is the 5508.05 port with focus. I ended up with two of these. My other ports are still being used on the D300. I'll send you an email through Wetpixel with more details about the housing.
  16. I have an Ikelite housing that has been used mostly in fresh water. Since purchasing an Ike housing for my D300 it has not been used much. Let me know if you're interested or want more details. Jim
  17. (1) 8" Dome Port Body (5510.22) -- used for Nikkor 12-24mm (1) 8" Dome Assembly with Shade (5510.45) How much for the above two items? Thanks...
  18. Email sent on this item: Ikelite #5503.51 6" Dome Port with shade, no neoprene cover (used) 60$
  19. I see underwater video cameras on eBay all the time. A friend bought one and uses it for fishing. He loves it. Here is an example (listing expires 11/15/06): http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/UNDERWATER-...047027555QQrdZ1 There is no complicated housing and the maximum recommended depth is 60'. There is 66' of cable included. This model has a color camera but others I have seen are black and white. This particular seller offers an optional video grabber package (at the bottom of the eBay listing) for connection to a laptop. It includes a USB port adapter. It seems like in shallow water you could control this type of unit better if you mounted it to a telescoping pole. Have fun, and keep us posted on what you decide.
  20. I was pretty skeptical of the “need†for music underwater too. It seemed like the safety aspect alone would put the device in the useless category. Not being able to hear a buddy or divemaster’s signal should be enough to keep a safety-conscious diver from using it. Then I read an article in Dive Chronicles magazine. ( http://www.divechronicles.com ) Volume 3 Issue 1 came out sometime in the first 3 months of 2005. It was also distributed for free at Beneath the Sea 2005 in New Jersey. The article was titled, “A Day Without Rain in the Pacific Ocean,†and described an encounter a diver had with a giant manta ray while diving in what he called a “blue water dive.†The author defined that type of diving to be in deep water, without going deep. He said the ray was attracted to the music playing on his MP3 player, in particular Enya’s instrumental piece titled “A Day Without Rain.†According to the article, he took over 170 photos on that dive while playing the tune over and over. Apparently The Doors did not have the same effect. Underwater animals can feel something, even if they are not hearing like we do. Did you ever have an encounter with a marine animal and scare it with the sound of your breathing? Of course you have. So why can’t they experience some form of pleasure or curiosity too? That article suggests that at least some marine creatures do. I would not advocate listening to music on an entire dive every dive. But why not on a deco stop, or why not if it got you a better photo op or close encounter? ~Jim~
  21. iriver ( http://www.iriveramerica.com/ ) has a couple of different housings still available for a few of their older MP3 players. One is only rated for 10 ft. (SV-i700), but the other is rated for 200 ft. (model Deep Dive). Browse to: https://secure15.nexternal.com/shared/Store...et=products.asp Here is some info on a bundle special which includes the iriver Deep Diver case and the iFP-340 MP3 player (USD$99): Listen to your iriver 300 series MP3 player underwater. The fully submersible housing protects your player at depths up to 200 feet. It also delivers impressive sound to the waterproof headphones through the built-in amplifier. This complete deep dive kit makes it possible to listen to your favorite music or audio tours while you dive.  Listen to music, underwater audio tours and more  Fully submersible to depths up to 200 feet  Water-proof headphones for underwater listening  Built-in amplifier to boost sound at extreme depths Bundle Includes:  iFP-340 Music Player  Earphones  Neck Strap  PC Installation CD  AA Battery  USB Cable  Printed Manual  iriver Deep Dive case for iFP-300 series  Water-proof headphones  Maintenance kit  Replacement o-ring  9V battery (to power internal amplifier) iFP-340 Features:  64MB Internal Storage† MP3, WMA, and ASF Music Files Supported  Built-in Voice Recorder  iRiver Music Manager for Easy Music Transfers  Weighs 32 grams (without battery)  Ultra small design (91 x 35 x 26.7 mm)  USB connection to your computer Deep Dive Case Features:  Rugged, air-tight plastic housing  Designed exclusively for the iriver iFP-300 series  Fully submersible to depths up to 200 feet  Water-proof stereo headphones  Headphones easily attach to dive masks  Built-in amplifier to boost sound at extreme depths This is the best deal iriver currently offers. You can buy the Deep Diver case without the iFP-340 but it costs the same (USD$99). Pick up an iFP-390 (256 MB) or iFP-395 (512 MB) on eBay and use the same Deep Diver case. You will be able to download several hours of music to the player and enjoy the time spent hanging on the safety stop.
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