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  1. Hi all, the last GoPro I had was Hero4, until my brother lost it diving :-(. Before that I had a Hero2. I have always used a red filter for diving. I am going on a dive trip to La Paz next month and want to get a Hero7. With the newer cameras, what's the latest, should we still use filters, or do color grading in post, use at depth white balancing, what is recommended? Thank you very much
  2. Tim, these are great tips. Maybe others will chime in also. Best regards
  3. Hi Tim, thanks so much for the advice. I will definitely keep the composition more in mind. It's just easier said than done considering the moving subjects, and other divers making bubbles/scaring the subjects. I almost missed that hammerhead. I was not expecting to see a hammerhead on that trip, but I wanted a better shot of a shark. So we went down for that dive, I started kicking towards the wall before all the other divers. My buddies were thinking "why the rush?". As soon as I got over the edge, I saw a shark coming and then I thought "that's not a regular reef shark!" I had time to take 2 pictures from far before it got scored and quickly turned around and was gone intro the blue. In regards to the 2 challenging pictures of the shark, do you have any tips to better post process it to improve the end result? Sometimes it's hard to improve the colors without turning the water blue into a purple or lilac. Similar challenge with the sting ray photo. Thank you again
  4. Hi, thanks for letting me know. I just fixed the Flickr link above. Cheers
  5. Hi all, Just returned from my first Liveaboard spending a week diving around the turks and caicos area aboard the Explorer II. Before the trip I had considered buying a new dive housing for my DSLR but the cost discouraged me. So I brought my old P&S (with manual controls) Olympus SP350 with my Ikelite housing and DS-50 strobe. Most dives were pretty deep in the 25-30ft range what made it pretty dark, specially on the wide shots from a distance. In the past I have used photoshop for post work but don’t have it on my current machine so this time I used Aperture. Although I achieved some improvements, it’s been hard to work on the wide shots. Difficult to bring some of the red back while keeping the blues, well, blue, specially on the background water. On photoshop used to be easier to select and separate elements in layers. I usually do most of the adjustments in white balance, exposure, enhance, highlights & shadow and sharpen. What should I be paying attention to? Here are some of the pictures. I have put a couple in the original form (sharks)so you see what I am working with. Would be great to get some advice on how to improve my photos. https://flic.kr/s/aHsk76ayDu Thanks for the feedback. divebrasil
  6. I read some posts about it being too red, or to only use deeper than 80ft. What is your personal experience? I was planning on just getting the basic setup with the "dive" filter. I did consider getting the SRP 55mm filter, but I like the Flip setup from BS. Buying Flip + 55mm thread adapter + SRP filter would be a lot of $$$$. Is the SRP filter much superior to BS Dive filter? And has anybody ever tried the GoPro brand red filter? I really appreciate your input. Thanks
  7. Yes, I meant to say Hero 4 Silver. Correct this now. Thanks Wow, but that shouldn't happen anyway, unless you went below 40m. Seems like the housing was defective.
  8. Hi All, I used to have a Hero 2 which I manually changed the round port to a flat port but used the standard housing for UW video. I just ordered a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and now I am wondering if I need to order the dive housing. The standard is rated to 40m which sufficient for my dives, but besides max depth are there any other differences? Seems the locking is different? Did anyone hear of problem using the standard housing for diving? Thanks so much
  9. Do you mean the filter is attached to a flimsy frame? Thanks
  10. Hi, I know a lot has been talked here about using a red or magenta filter with GoPro cameras to correct color loss. I have in the past shot with after market red filters from Polar Pro, among others, with decent results. But now GoPro offer their own red and magenta filters that fit perfectly on their housings. I couldn't find any reviews or comparison. I am buying a GoPro Hero 4 and looking into a red filter for it. Does anybody here have experience with GoPro's own red filter? Thanks so much
  11. Hi, I am about to buy a new gopro and not sure whether to get the black with a LCD bacpac or the silver which comes with the LCD screen. I have been using a GoPro Hero 2 with bacpac until recently when I lost it. I have access to a significant discount with GoPro, so the $79 LCD cost is not an issue. Just trying to figure out if I want to deal with the bulkier 4 + LCD. Seems like the only benefit would be 4K at 30fps. Anybody here had to go through the same choice? What did you get and are you happy about it? Although I won't be able to use the touch screen while diving, so you know if on the silver I can control using buttons but still go through menu options on the LCD? Would love to get some opinions. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, thanks for all the replies. Sorry I have been very busy and didn't have time to reply the PMs. Doing it now. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, After many year with the Olympus sp-350 and Ikelite housing, it's time to move to a better camera. We want a DSLR anyway to take above water pictures as well, so I am looking for a DSLR in very good condition and apropriate housing. Ideally something with TTL. Please let me know if you have anything to offer. Thanks
  14. Hi, I had a great time diving Cabo area in May a few years ago. The conditions weren't excellent but I still had a good time. I am now planning a dive trip around thanksgiving time and considering Cabo area again. What are the typical conditions around mid to late November? I was really hoping I could dive Gordo Banks and see some hammerheads and whale sharks. Side question in case there are surfers here. How is the surf during that same time of the year? I appreciate your help. Thanks
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