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  1. Hi, I have a YS-90 strobe and PT-030 housing. I am looking for a tray a couple arms and clamps. Please let me know if you have anything for sale. Thanks
  2. I know this project is from 2 years ago, but I am curious to know how the story ended? Did it work well underwater? Thanks
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anybody here has connected a loc-line arm to an YS-90 strobe? I guess any sea&sea strobe would have the same type of connection. I also need to get a tray. Maybe a tray like one of these below. I am not sure how to make it hold the other end of the loc-line. http://www.leisurepro.com/Prod/IK952301.ht...%3don%26Hit%3d1 or like this http://www.ulcs.com/images/DSCN0179.jpg wouldn't mind making my own tray too, if I get some tips. Thanks for helping.
  4. Dear friends, I don't know why I am so stubborn, but I did it. I enjoy DIYing! Take a look, I built it from a $2 spatula from home depot. How do you rate it? Thanks
  5. How does that thing work? Is the mask adehisive? I am imagining here the grommet goes through the whole on the mask. And the mask is attached to the housing. With the velcro? Could you explain? Thanks
  6. I am thinking that if I can find some type of grommet or a nut that can hold the optic cable, I could then try to fix it to the housing using a velcro or a sticker. What do you guys think? Or, could I cut the plug off and just connect the cable with a velcro or sticker to the housing? Thanks
  7. I am aware of that option, but I will keep it for the future. Thanks
  8. I bought the diffuser with a retainer from a member of the forum. Then I used the 1st solution available here Visit My Website I used an epoxy glue to glue the inside and the outside together. Now I am trying to figure out how to connect the other end of the fiber optic cable to the housing. Thanks
  9. Hi, This is pretty much the cord I have Sea & Sea | Fiber Optic Cable | SS-04090 | B&H Photo Video I only have the cord. And it has plugs on both ends. That's why I am not sure how to mount that plug to the housing. How to keep it stable and attached? KNow what I mean? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, I have a fiber optic cable to use with a YS-90 strobe and an Olympus SP-350 camera inside an Olympus PT-030 housing. I am not sure how to connect the fiber optic cable to the housing. Should I black out the camera flash or blackout the housing only? How do I attach the end of the optic cable to the housing? Have you done this on your camera, care to send a picture? Thanks so much
  11. I have a Olympus sp-350 in a PT-030 housing and Sea and Sea YS-90 strobe. I am looking for a tray and arms in good condition. Please let me know you have it. Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, I just purchased a YS-90 and it comes with that diffuser that only goes 2/3 of the way up and doesn't have a retaining ring for the optic cable. I also have already an optic cable, but it didn't come with a retaining ring or a connection for the housing. I have found this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/4736..._Retaining.html But it costs almost $50!!! Is there a better solution? I also don't have the velcro part that is supposed to go on the housing. Could you guys please point me to a solution? Thanks so much
  13. Thanks all for the advice. I was mistaken it wasn't a YS-90 Auto, it was the YS-90 TTL DUO. I ended up buying it for $160 even tough it has only 2 power settings. Should be fine. Thanks
  14. Thanks all for the advice. I was mistaken it wasn't a YS-90 Auto, it was the YS-90 TTL DUO. I ended up buying it for $160 even tough it has only 2 power settings. Should be fine. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, These are the 2 options my budget can afford right now. I can find both strobes used for a decent price. Could you please let me know your opinions on these strobes? I will be shooting optically with my Oly SP-350 on a PT-030 housing. If you know of any better options in the $200, max $300 range, please let me know. Thanks so much
  16. Are these ones decent? Bonica Neon-XP Underwater Strobe - i can get for $99 used and Nikon Nikonos SB 105 - $200 used I am still considering the YS90 from a friend for $180. Let me know if any of these other 2 offers are better. I also see a deal for a YS-120 with arms and cord for $300 Sea and Sea YS120 Duo TTL and Slave Strobe along with a dual sync cord connection tray and arm. What do you think? Thanks
  17. These are pretty good pictures!!! Yes, a guy is selling his YS90 for $180, so I am really thinking about getting it and getting a fiber optic cable. Any suggestion on how to save with arms and brackets? Are there ways to make it from stuff we find at Home depot or not? Thanks
  18. I guess what you are saying that the without TTL, I would use the optical/optical sync, right? But apparently there have been some synching issues with this YS110 model? I was offered a YS-90-dual-auto for $180. What do you think? Does it suffer from sync problems too? With those better strobes like you mentioned DS125 and Inon Z240, I would still use optical sync right? Unless I get an adapter? Thanks so much
  19. Thanks for clarifying. What I still don't understand, and it's more the concept of shooting "manual". If by manual you mean optical/optical my strobe is always going to have to wait my flash to recycle so it can shoot right? Since I am getting a strobe so I can lighten things better and don't suffer from backstering, why would I want my built-in flash shooting together with the strobe? Does it make sense? Thanks
  20. Thanks. But does it mean that my flash needs to flash so the strobe flashes too? Thanks
  21. So how does it work? Any strobe that is non olympus, I will need an adaptor that will cost me another $100 to $200 to do TTL? In that case, for entry level should I get the Olympus UFL-1? I imagined that this one will integrate TTL with the Oly SP-350/PT-030 right? Thanks
  22. ow, thanks for the tip. I guess with the YS90 if I connect TTL the strobe will know how much power to use, right? But, I guess the benefit of the YS110 is that even if I don't use TTL, I can still change the power setting manually, right? Thanks
  23. What do you guys think of an YS90-auto-dual for $180? Thanks
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