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  1. I have been taking UW pictures for about 2 years with my Olympus Sp-350 with the Oly housing PT-030. I have a lot of good pictures in natural light, but mostly crap ones using the flash. I have a trip planned in January to Mexico and would really like to start bring a strobe along. My goal is to enhance lighting during day pictures and also be able to take pics on night dives. So, I would really appreciate your suggestions for an entry level strobe for my camera. Thanks so much
  2. The thing with the noise reducers is that they smooth out the picture and it looses shapeness. I can't figure out how to do both, unless I clip the rays out to another layer, and apply noise reducer to the background only. What do you suggest? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just came from a trip in Oahu and I did manage to take some decent pics, but one that didn't come out good was the school of eagle rays next to the MS Mahi Wreck. They were too far away and I didn't manage to get close enough. I did work on the pic a bit and it got better, but very noisy/pixelated. I was wondering if one of you guys would be able to do a better job. I am attaching small versions of the pic, but you can download the original in RAW from the URL below. http://www.snowbrasil.com/P1260035.ORF Let me know if you would like to make it smaller to speed the download a bit. Thanks so much
  4. Hey did anybody here find a solution for the cap of the olympus housings that keeps coming off? I have the pt-030 for the sp-350 camera. Did anybody have this problem? Thanks
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