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  1. This is a set for Nikon SEACAM housings, first hand, including : SIGMA 15mm f2.8 EX DG FISHEYE (Nikon mount), SEACAM for Sigma 15mm Fisheye special port. The lens and the port are like new. Important note : the top and bottom sun shades of the lens were very cleanly cut by SEACAM (this modification is included in the price of the port), thus the lens fit perfectly with its port for maximum image quality. The port is very small and very convenient for travel. Price paid : 1.769€ (1.104€ for the port and 665€ for the lens) Pricing : 1.200 € (+ express shipping depending on country, sent from France) Here is a recent photo taken with this setup and a Nikon D850 :
  2. Hello, I tried to reach you by message Cheers
  3. Pricing : 2.700 € (+ express shipping depending on country - around 120€ for USA, sent from France)
  4. Hello, I have been using Seacam housing since 2001. I started to use Seacam with a Nikon F100, then a D2x, D810 and now a D850. I have a Seacam housing for D810 for sale at this time and of course I would recommand it ;-). It is here : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62519 Cheers,
  5. SEACAM S10 viewfinder for underwater housing Viewfinder in great condition as I am using mainly S45 for macro. Sent with o-ring protecting cap ans neoprene pouch List price : 1.428.00€ Price : 800 € (+ shipping depending on destination)
  6. SEACAM wet diopters set for underwater housing macro port Diopter S1, Diopter S2, Support to link S1 and S2 diopters, Diopters holder for SEACAM flash arms, Neoprene pouch. List price : 858.00 € Reproduction scales : Diopter S1 : 1,3 for 1 Diopter S2 : 1,7 for 1 Diopter S1 + S2 : 2,5 for 1 Set bought in 2017, like new condition Price : 450 € (+ shipping depending on destination)
  7. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62519&hl=d810
  8. This is a SEACAM underwater housing for NIKON D810 DSLR, first hand, including : SEACAM Silver housing for Nikon D810, User manual (English), Complete maintenance kit (renewed), Two S6 plugs for SEACAM i-TTL flash units (60D, 100D or 150D) or other flash units using these plugs. The housing is in perfect condition with around 200 dives in three years (bought new in march 2015). It was serviced by SEACAM for this sale July, 10th 2018 (invoice on demand). All expandable parts like o-rings, anodes, etc. were changed and are new. NB: the housing will be sold without visor, flash arm, flash unit, port, dome or Nikon D810 body. List price : 4.650€ Pricing : 2.800 € (+ express shipping depending on country - around 120€ for USA, sent from France) PS : I have a SEACAM S10 visor for sale and wet diopters too
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