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  1. reading up on what people are saying about settings etc - and noticing that Philip Bloom comes up in the conversation now and again - I'm wondering when someone will do a Technicolor Cinestyle review for underwater use for WetPixel? My problem is that I don't have a housing for my 7D otherwise I'd be out there doing it now... From what I read about Cinestyle, it provides a higher dynamic range and flattens out the picture in general - allowing your post software more control, kind of... in layman's terms Anyone played around with it, yet?
  2. Nice stuff Henrik - I've always had a thing for close-up macro... I love the almost-abstract parts of clams and suchlike... great acropora crab footage - that stuff is hard to shoot in the daytime, eh?! You've picked out some incredible detail on the rhinophores of the wart slug!! Great lens evidently! (....and good job with keeping the frame as stable as you did on such levels of magnification.) the shallow DOF gives a lovely feel... it'd be great if you could slowly shift your focus during the shot... do you have the means to do that on your housing? I've added the video to my u/w videos group on Vimeo if that's alright? All the best and keep up the lovely work!
  3. Thanks for the headsup on the music... RE bouyancy - there should be some posts in here regarding exactly that topic... I can't think of many pro shooters out there who haven't adapted their rig in one way or another, in order to help their shoot. A slightly negative bouyancy is nice for sitting in the hands - but not so great if you drop it (use a lanyard if you're not already )
  4. great base skills to start from there... I mirror Wagsy's words about stability (it's generally one of the most important characteristics of u/w videos than can either make, or break a shot) Love the 1st tune - what is it?
  5. Thanks a lot Si - though you've prob got all those angles covered with Elasmo etc I'm for hire and available to join any worthwhile projects (my new, personal, site - still under build but getting there...) Thanks, Wagsy, that's my fave clip aswell - hope Mike sees it someday The whole showreel only took an afternoon to cut together.... the original man-hours that went into each shot would've been approx: iPhone clip - 3 days fake hotel - 4/5 days villa shot - 2 days (I was getting better at it by then ) amphibico promo (shame I didn't get a chance to release it!) - many months!!!! (still unfinished ) The Rock, logo opener - an hour, or so The Rock (next three clips are off original sequence) - 2 days Manta train - 3 days Alanta villa opening shot - 2 days Bungee jump - 4 days(ish?!?!) This is Krabi (seq 1) - a weekish This is Krabi (closing seq) - a day Hence me not being too active in these here forums nowadays All the best, lads.... if you have any ideas for some u/w VFX shots then gimme a shout and I'll see what we can bang together.
  6. Thanks for the kind words, lads... RE motion tracking - best thing is to shoot fast... sod the 50 / 60 fps law in order to create natural motion blur... you need minimal motion blur so each frame has nice sharp detailing in it for your tracking software to follow... good luck with it and drop me a line if you've got any questions.... I may be able to track a shot for you, if you like
  7. Hi WetPixel - it's been a looooong time since my last visit. "Hi" to all the old faces and "nice to meet you" to all the newer folk in here I put some post production VFX work to a couple of underwater clips from a while back and stuck them into my new(ish) VFX showreel... The manta trick was originally inspired by our very own Super-Mod Mike Veitch's photos of manta trains. (Sorry Wagsy, Drew and Shawn - you guys rock as well.... and so do all you other Mods out there )... The video mentions what software went into each shot inside the white frame of the video, underneath the clip, itself (I can suggest staying away from most of this stuff, unless you have a straight-jacket and medical health insurance cover ). Here's the short reel.... as always, I humbly appreciate any feedback you can offer... cheers for now, guys (and gals!)... [vimeo]22154710[/vimeo]
  8. No mate - I'm re-rendering it out as lots of weird dots.... when you "look through" them, you'll see an eagle
  9. Yup! I just find most vids now are kinda boring by following the same pattern.... anyone with a shytey still camera and iMovie can make an uw video nowadays - and they do.... and they're , let's say, a wee bit mind-numbingly repetitive..... talk about a saturated market, eh?
  10. Cheers Deano, glad you saw it in the end do you mean at the beginning with the Rover logo? that was a "client request (demand)".... if you mean everything else in the vid then get used to it, there'll be a lot more in future... cross dissolves and straight cuts are so "1980's"
  11. I haven't been in here in a long time... Hi everyone! Eventually, we've uploaded the video from last year's Ocean Rover trip to Raja Ampat (spending one month on board was "interesting" ) This vid uses a few more little post productions tricks - layering video tracks, super slo-mo, weird zooms etc... To go to the video, itself - please click this link HD version [vimeohd]15344252[/vimeohd] SD version [vimeo]15344252[/vimeo] I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as it was enjoyable to create... Seeya'll
  12. Click here to see the sale in eBay RE SHIPPING: FLY TO US TO COLLECT - IT WILL BE CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN... Kit sold as is, in photo... 1 x Amphibico Phenom 1 x Sony FX1 2 x Amphibico Discovery 10 Arc lights 2 x Amphibico Discovery light arms 4 x Sony batteries NP-F570 1 x Sony battery NP F970 1 x 0.5x WA lens spare o-rings 1 x amphibico / pelican travel case 1 x UWK flight case and more............. Used to shoot TV shows, documentaries and a Movie... this is THE package that everyone is still after... Slight wear and tear to the aesthetics of the housing... functionality never compromised... Amphibico Phenom FXZ1 Underwater Camera Housing and Sony FX1 Reason of sale: Upgrading Housing Features from the manufacturer: • Designed for professional underwater use • 14 Electronic push button controls to access over 25 functions • 3 Mechanical push button controls • Proportional Manual Focus • Proportional Manual Zoom • Manual Iris • Manual Gain • Manual Shutter Speed • Power On/Off • VCR Mode (Play, Rewind, F-Foward, Stop, Pause) • Index Markers • Menu Control Panel • Sensitive Dual Hydrophones • Water sensor alarm • Tally light flashes green while filming • 2.5X magnified viewfinder w/adjustable dioptric control • Bayonet Mounted Lens System • Standard Dome/Flat port lens with full zoom-through capability • 3 Auxiliary ports • 2 x flip filters capability Left Hand Grip Controls: • Proportional Manual Focus Wheel • Video Lights on/off - for left and right light arms • Review • Screen Display • Index Markers Right Hand Grip Controls: • Record/Standby • Wide-Angle/Telephoto • Proportional variable zoom • White Balance • Manual/Momentary Auto Focus • VCR functions Camera features from manufacturer: Real Time HD Codec Engine File compression maintains trueness of images Sony's Real Time HD Codec Engine lets you record and playback HD images. This remarkably small and energy efficient technology uses MPEG2 compression technology to handle HD images at the same bit rate as the DV format, all while maintaining image quality. The Real Time HD Codec Engine provides you versatility in format handling and truer images for increased viewing pleasure. HDV 1080i Compatible Camcorder Allows you to capture HD video in a broad range of styles, for an exceptional level of creativity in your shots. The features provide the control that you would expect of a professional grade camcorder, opening up a whole realm of possibilities. HDV/DV Switching System Record and playback in both formats, with this camcorder you can record and playback in HDV 1080i and the original DV format as well. So now you can enjoy HDV and DV recording in one camera. Wide Super HAD 3CCD Advanced Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD functionality greatly improves the performance of the camcorder. With this technology comes an on-chip micro-lens, on top of the CCD sensor that increases the light focusing rate. More defined digital HD images are achieved through a 3CCD Camera System which separates light that enters the lens into the 3 primary colors of red, green and blue. Sony has also included Semi-conductor technology with a great developed 16:9 aspect ratio, and 1.12M total pixels; all of which work to increase the feel of your footage. Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens With the advanced multi-layer optical coating system, the Vario-Sonnar T* lens improves the contrast and color of your footage greatly. The lens reduces the Ghosting effect and flair by up to 80%, and lets more light through for much sharper images. Better Viewing and More Control Combines the right balance of manual and automatic controls to help you use the functions of your camcorder to their best. You have the best of both worlds; automatic control function for moments when you want to capture a simple shot, and full control functions for when you need to manually adjust camera controls to achieve a unique effect. 3.5" Hybrid LCD You can use the monitor to check wide-angle shots in digital HD. Because it is a hybrid system, you can still see the LCD monitor outside even on the brightest and most sunny days. With 250,000 pixels. Even more, it is located above and in front of the handle, which has it placed on the same eye-level as the viewfinder for even greater ease. Cinematic Features Cinematic features alter the visual characteristics of the footage by configuring how the camera responds to lighting, changes in focus, and the rate at which frames are displayed. The cinematic features include pre-programmed recording settings so that quality footage can be captured in a variety of environments. CineFrame Recording Provides the option of recording video at either 30 fps or with a feeling of film-like 24 fps (frames per second). Shot Transition Allows for a smooth automatic scene transition. Settings for focus, zoom, iris, gain, shutter, and white balance can be set to the A/B button and a smooth transition will take place according to the set time. This function enables the focus to gradually shift from the front of the screen to a deeper part of the screen. Expanded Focus Indicator The camera's LCD image is magnified, temporarily, up to 4x its original size without any loss of distortion. This allows the user more finite control while focusing the camera for greater detail and clarity. Large Eye Viewfinder A LCD panel is utilized in the Eye viewfinder to allow wide-angle digital HD shots to be viewed. Additionally, with the size of the eyepiece increased, you can see images even while wearing glasses - further light-excluding ability and visual abilities can be achieved with a large eyecup accessory. Again, with 250,000 pixels of resolution, you can view the fine details of your video subjects. __________________
  13. money is definitely one of the topics but the area "lacking sufficient amounts" is well off the facts.... for every diver in these national parks, 200THB is collected (or should be..... they seldom come round collecting it!) so the funds most certainly aren't lacking by any means. 1 - the big boats PAY the national parks TO FISH (the national park chief lets them in as he can now by his mistresses new cars - the funds that are collected as official payment need to go back into the system in order to pay for their infrastructure... money that is paid as a bribe goes straight into your pocket....) 2 - the national park chief doesn't understand his role or the rights that he has - just like any authority in Thailand 3 - the national park chief and staff don't see WHY they should stop the fishing boats (their philosophy is something like "there are more and more divers coming each year aren't there? so you're all wrong telling us that these boats / acts are destroying the diving industry - just another case of farang thinking they know more than us") I could go on with a whole lot more facts but the bottom line is that this is Thailand - money talks, brains and visions are shortsighted and selfish..... The dive industry has been thriving here for nearly 30 years - simultaneously so have the efforts to stop this kind of stupidity... but it still goes on - and so long as Thailand stays happy with it's own little undeveloped, selfish, mindset then it will continue to go on until we're all diving on "Hin's" as opposed to "Prakarang" The only way to get the authorities to listen would be to boycott the industry..... but I don't see any of the dive shops volunteering to close for a season - for the exact same reasons that I don't see the national park ever getting their act together.... greeeeeeeeed...... the other option is to wait for Thailand to "develop" and then the rest will fall into place.... nets on coral are the least of any of the authorities concerns.... (usually, the government official's main concern is where he will get his next gold bracelet for his mistress.....) shame on you, Thailand - again...... and again....... and again.........
  14. What The F?????? This is all based on archaic laws of physics that determined that Cathode Rays were inherently controlled by the electric grid that they were being used on.... these "manufacturers" need to wake up and notice that we're not using CRT any more..... ARGGGGGH!!!! question though, (and it's not meant as a rhetorical windup, honestly....): why burn discs at 50i if they're gonna be played on a screen in progressive format?
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