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  1. Three Sola 4000 Lumens Light and Motion video lights for sale. Gently used. I stopped shooting video and no longer use these lights. I have maintained their care and kept the batteries charged. Asking $425 per light for a total of $1,275.00 as a set. The original price was $1,600. L&M may be willing to exchange them for new lights-please find out more from them. You pay the shipping. DivaDiver
  2. For Sale: Like new Panasonic GH4 camera, 8MM Panasonic lens, Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing, Nauticam leak alarm and Nauticam wide angle port. The rig has been used on less then 25 dives. All of the housing markings are legible and everything is in excellent working order. Gear listed with original pricing includes: Nauticam NA-GH4 Housing $2,250.00 Nauticam 4.33 Acrylic Dome for 8MM lense $495.00 Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve with Pump (installed) $220.00 Panasonic Lumix GH4 Pro 4K Camera $1,699.00 Panasonic Lumix 8MM F3.5 lens $655.00 Two Battery Chargers ($49.99 each) + Two Batteries ($79.99 each) Total New Cost of Reg: $5,449.00 Accepting best reasonable offers. Paypal accepted. I'll pay ground shipping to the U.S.
  3. Did you ever get your Inon Z-240 stobes?
  4. Updated offer: Housing + macro port now available for the great price of $2,499.
  5. Macro/flat port available at extra cost (but make you a great deal) if needed.
  6. Hi- Yes. My husband died unexpectedly last year. He shot Nikon and I shoot Canon. I have that lens and he hardly used it. Interested? And, how weird, I live on The Big Island too.
  7. For sale: Like new Subal CD7 underwater housing for the popular Canon 7D. Been used very little and been on less than 50 dives. It really is in great condition! Asking: $2,499.00 (Includes Ground shipping in the US) Please email me at divadiver@msn.com and let me know if interested.
  8. If you are an avid underwater videographer (or want to be) and ready to step it up a notch, grab this professional HD video system and get vivid color! Light & Motion designed a well balanced housing for the Sony Z1U including an easy one touch white balance system. The 3 chip camera allows you to capture rich detailed colors! The complete kit includes: -Sony Z1U Camcorder + all accessories and manuals/DVD -Three 5-hour batteries + Two chargers -Light & Motion Bluefin HD Housing -one touch white balance -two neutral density filter settings -iris/gain controls -4 internal buoyancy weights -Easy slide camera tray -flip red filter -XIT 404 Top mount SunShade for easy monitor viewing -spare o-ring and hand grip replacement kit -Regular Zoom Port with flip macro lens -Wide Angle Port with special flip macro lens -XIT 404 flip +7 diopter for uber close macro -Light & Motion Sunday 2000 Video Lights -two 2000 Lumens video light heads -two robotic arms that fit on the handles -four video light batteries -two battery pods with cable connectors -three rapid chargers -Amphibico white balancing and focus slate -Extra port covers for all ports -35 new, unopened Sony 60 minute high quality tapes -Two extra camera lens covers -Custom shipping and traveling foam molded to the shape of the housing and video lights. Get Everything for $5,550.00 + Shipping Please email Divadiver@msn.com
  9. Am selling my back up lighting system, which has been used very little. These L&M Sunray 1000 Lumens lights are LED lights and have incredible brightness. If used with an L & M housing, you will have three levels of brightness to use. Shooting Video upclose doesn't require the full power so your battery lasts longer. They are LED lights, so they emit a 5000 Kelvin WHITE light, which is perfect for video. They also have an 80 degrees beam so two of them can easily illuminate an area 160 degrees wide. The batteries are long lasting Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. If you want, you can use the lights as dive lights on night dives. The complete 1000 Lumens Video Lighting Kit Includes: 1. Two Sunray 1000 Lumens light heads 2. Two silver battery pods with adjustment clamp 3. SIX batteries that all work great 3. TWO L&M "quick chargers" for rapid battery charging Retail Price: $2,000.00 Your Price: $1,000.00 + Shipping Send me a message for more info!
  10. Hi- Have you sold your housing yet? Or is the entire package still available?
  11. Did you get lights yet? I have multiple sets of L&M lights for sale. Email me at divadiver@msn.com
  12. I would be interested to see your photos and take a look at your system. When did you buy it and where would you be shipping it from? My email is divadiver@msn.com
  13. Do you still have this outfit for sale?
  14. You still looking for a pair of the YS-30 TTL strobes? We have a pair and would be happy to sell them. name your price.
  15. Hi- I too am a bit confused about white balancing and just started playing around with it. I white balance and the way down and it can get really red. I film some things in blue water and they look better than if I just used the red filter. Later when I use my lights for something, I notice it is too red so I turn the white balance button off to get the camera back to the "daylight" setting. Do I only need to white balance when I don't use lights? Am I doing this the recommended way? Thanks so much.
  16. We are on the same page. It is a big decision and your points are well taken!
  17. Aloha- Both my husband and I are rebreather certified and own the Sport KISS, have been for about 2.5 years now. As for the machine itself, it works great, is the most simple I have seen to put together, and is designed exactly for recreational diving. We have another point of view on the subject: -the learning curve is very different and it takes awhile to get used to the entire process -you have to check your PO2 every minute so get used to looking away from your subject often -we find the setup and testing to be cumbersome and each time requires a tweak/fix of some kind. The rebreather doesn't break, it just seems to be the nature of rebreather systems. -we do not see a HUGE difference when filming animals by not having bubbles (I know people will argue this) but weighed against the setup and cost, I am not convinced it's worth it. -I personally prefer to focus my money and attention on my camera versus the rebreather -If you want to travel with it, get ready for setbacks. We went with a group out of the country and the O2 compressor broke so they each only got 1/2 02 fills for the day. In addition, absorbent isn't always available and multiple members of our traveling party have had their bottles confiscated by TSA. I just wanted to give you another POV since we are considering selling ours after a huge investment. You have to really really want it and know if will make a big difference for you. One of the guys we met during our cert process told us to go buy a corvette instead, he was on to something. Good Luck!
  18. Aloha- I am SO ready to upgrade from the Sony HC1, no laughing! I have a decent budget to work with and am partial to L&M. Want a new camera and housing. The EX1 is pricey and don't like the Sony SXS Cards option. Is it too late or would it be going backwards to invest in the Z1U? -will use lights -travel alot -starting to make docu's -would like to reach broadcast one day but cannot say I do it today Should I wait for new camera line-up in the Spring? Thanks.
  19. Do you still have this system for sale? Where would you be shipping it from? Thanks.
  20. Aloha! I am seriously considering upgrading to these large 3 chip HD cameras. One of my hold backs is the weight. How much does the housing weight? Is it set and ready to go for the Sunray 1000 lights? Are you selling any lights? Are you interested in selling the camera too? Thanks so much. Julie
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