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  1. I have a Light and Motion external monitor with clamp assembly, lens shade, and monitor cable for sale.

    I also have the original back from a Light and Motion HC-3 Bluefin housing which has the straight out bulkhead if needed.

    This has been used for two week long dive trips and is in excellent condition.


    I paid $1400 but will sell for $500.


    For those with questions, here is a link to the owners manual...







    Do you still have this external monitor and is it the compact or remote monitor? I assume you also have the connection cable available? Where would you be shipping it from? Thanks.

  2. Hi-


    Are you looking for a housing or the camera? We have both. We have a Sea and Sea d70 housing that is like brand new. My husband only took it on 2 trips before we switched to the D200. let us know if you are interested.







    Hi All,

    Looking for a D70s body in good working order




  3. Please let me know if these are still available? How many dives have they been on? thanks.







    These were purchased new in 2007. I have 2 and they are in mint condition. They each have onboard LED focus lights which are a feature I don't use. I have the Fisheye top mounted focus light and I cant say enough good about the light. I am selling the strobes as a pair for $875 or $450 each. They have the same out put as the YS90s but these are much smaller and has a newer incremental output switch. I will not be unavailable until after 6/30. Please email your questions but understand I most likely will not even see them until July. Available but not included are 2 Sea & Sea NIkon 5 pins cords. Thanks.


    Dmanfishatcomcastdotnet = Dmanfish@comcast.net

  4. is this still available? Would you consider only selling the housing and sync cords? thanks.









    I have a Sea & Sea Housing for the Nikon D-200. I was purchased in November. It has been on only 35 - 40 dives. It is in perfect working order. Included with the housing are: Ultralight ball base adaptors for the handles & one for the hot shoe for a modeling light; a standard macro port & extension ring (for use with 60mm & 105 mm lenses) ; dual strobe sync connector (5 pin) for use with Sea & Sea strobes; focus/zoom rings for 60mm105mm, & 12-24mm lenses; extra O-rings & intruction manuals. The total cost for the package was over $4300.00. I'm asking $3250.00 for everything. Please reply here & I will contact you ASAP.


    Thanks, Andy


    Venice, CA

  5. Hi-


    I could part with the housing for $1500. I do have a couple of ports, did you have one in mind that you might want?





    how much do you want for the sea&sea housing? i might be interested. do you know if it compatible with ikelite strobes? also do you have any lense ports for it?





  6. Hi-


    I would sell you the Seas&sea housing. It is in great condition, i switched to HD video.


    Divadiver :)





    Wanted to buy, an underwater housing for a Fuji S2 Pro camera. Preferably an ikelite housing but other brands considered. Also i would like to buy either an ikelite DS50 or DS125 substrobe. Cheers.

  7. Is your housing and the converter still for sale?


    Thanks, divadvier



    I am selling my almost new Sea and Sea d200 housing. Took it on one trip to Indonesia. It has 26 dives on it. Complete kit with TTL converter, wide angle dome port (I used a 12-24 lens but it will also take a 16mm), standard flat port ( I used a 60mm), 2 Sea and Sea sync cords for Sea and Sea strobes, and 1 ys 90auto strobe. I am selling because I want to get into video and can't afford to do both. I have all original packaging and manuals etc. The whole kit is in as new condition...barely used...no scratches etc. Never flooded.


    Original prices


    dome port 584.95

    sync cords 187.00

    TTL Converter 525.00

    Housing 2500.00

    strobe 560.00

    flat port 350


    total spent was $4706.95


    I will sell the whole get up and send it in original packaging with all warranties etc for $3500

  8. :D




    Upgrading to HD video and selling my entire mini-dv system. Camera is a Sony PC350, works really well and had no problems with it at all. Comes with extra camera case and strap.


    Included is the Elite Travel package for the Mako housing which includes Elite Sunray lites, batteries, charger, monitor back, and pelican case.


    Mako Elite Travel package alone prices out new at $4000!!!


    Today, get the camcorder and Mako Elite travel package for $3000.





  9. :D


    I am selling my S2Pro camera body and Sea and Sea housing as I am no shooting all video and need to upgrade some parts.


    I would part with the camera and housing together for $2,750. Both the camera and the housing are in mint condition and might consider selling strobe or strobe arms for a reasonable price. The camera has only been on one dive trip as it was an insurance repoacement and works well. This package is complete with manuals, accessories, o-rings, and grease.


    Please let me know what you think!



  10. Hi-


    I am just now selling my Mako housing for the Sony PC 350 with the travel package which includes case, lights, batteries, camcorder, monitor back, and housing. That package including the camera is $3000. You might be able to get L&M to adjust the housing to fit the camera you have. if still interested and i could take out the camera.





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