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  1. hey iam still in the same situation, cant decide between E-900, A700 and maybe a used Olympus 7070. unfortunately A700 cant RAW, otherwise it would be my No1. S80 is a bit expensive for that it has nearly the same technical dates as A620 / A700. marcus
  2. Hi, Jack, did you take those Sulawsi pics with your E900 / Inon Rig ?? If so i hope iam able to take such nice pictures from Sulawesi too; iam there in September to dive Bunaken and Lembeh. I think i go for the E900 / Ikelite housing / Inon Rig then. o god my money Am i able to turn off internal flash completly? But how fires the inon then, i thought the inon fires because of the pre-flash of the e900 ? marcus
  3. Hi again, so what kind of system would you prefer with the oly 350: with Oly TTL Konverter and YS60 strobe or with optical fibre cable and INON 2000 strobe ? with the ttl converter its possible to turn off your internal flash completely. thanks for your help, Marcus
  4. Hi, i still cant decide what camera to buy. Anyone ever tried to use the SP350 with an TTL Convertor Kabel and for example YS60 strobe? Iam looking forward to this combination because its a cheap alternative for the Inon2000 strobe. Olymups SP350 (250€) + Oly Case (250€) + Oly TTL Konverter (160€) + YS60 (used on ebay ~ 170€) = 830€ Oly TTL Konverter or Fuji E900 + Ikelite (580€) + Inon2000 (~400€) = 980€ Ive no idea how realiable the first example works. Any of you guys ever tried it? Ill go dive only twice a year so i want to get the best for my money. Unfortunately my old YS60 broke down and i did some shots with my old canonS40 in Egpyt weeks ago - but wihtout a external strobe .... no good I tend to the Oly Kombination. Need it in Oktober, Manado here ill come *yipieeh* Thanks for your final comments cheers, Marcus
  5. Hi, thanks for you comments. Also iam not farer with my decision. Everyone is saying, his cam is best, because of.... but thats normal, cause everyone knows his own cam best. Every of the 3 cams has advantages and disadvantages - theres no perfect cam. Why you guys all buy an Ikelite housing for the camera which is nearly double price in Europe as the manufactur housing ? Is is so much better ? Housing for S80 / A620 is 205€. Housing for ikelite is about 380€. I was confirmend that my YS-60 strobe and my Digi Adapter would work together with all three models; the S80/A620, SP-350 and the E-900. Better for TTL reasons is to use a Oly ttl converter with the SP-350. I never shoot one RAW photo with my old S40. Is it so much better tó improve the pics with photoshop then? The Canon S80 has a motion stabilisator; what about the others? Will this not help to take good pics, especially when strong current etc... tbh my heart is not on Canon, iam open for all Have to make my decission within the next weeks, cause Red Sea awaits me at beginning of june. cheers, marcus
  6. Hi, yes iam bit Canon oriented because my S40 did good now for nearly 5 years without any problems. To be honest i like the design of S80 very good. But no RAW and price isnt very nice. I never worked with a Olympus up to now. For the SP350 i heard not much positiv til now. Most said the AF is very slow. Most people recommend me the A620/700 cause of the various manual settings and the chear price. Iam not very experienced about manual settings, but ill bought a book and wand to get into it. Most pics i did with Automatic (shame on me) Anyone has the Fuji E900 ? How much this the housing for this one ? cheers, Marcus
  7. Hi, i need a little helping hand on what cam to buy next. I dived with my Canon S40 and ext. YS60 Strobe for several years now but time has come to switch. My favorites are: - Canon S80 - Canon A700 - SP 350 . What can you guys recommend me? DSLR is too expensive for me, not really the cam, but the housing. Can you recommend me those cams mentioned above, if yes, which one would you prefer and why? How are those 2 Canons in comparission with the Olympus SP350? Thanks a lot guys, Marcus
  8. Hi, does anyone know a good internetshop for the YS90DX regarding the price ? I ve found this one, but dont know, if the price is OK ? For example the price for this flash in Germany is about 850$, here it is 533$. BHPhotoVideo Can you give me an advice where to buy this strobe. With best regards Marcus Munich, Germany
  9. Hi@all, now it is possible to use all Nikonos compatible Flashes with Digital Cameras with these Adapter. Unfortunately this webpage is in German. cu marcus Digital Adapter
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