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  1. Hello. Today in use Sony 10-18/4 and Zeiss 50/2.8 on my A6500 camera in a Nauticam house. I lack 19-49mm focal length. I need something for medium fish portraits. I recently discovered on Nauricams port chart that i can use my macro port for Sony 30/3.5 as well. This is a very cheap lens and not something i would choose normally. But i really dont have money for another port at the moment. Have anyone use this lens and can tell me how the experience was? Is it good enough to bring below the surface or should i wait and save for something better? Thanks i advance.
  2. Hi. I already have 4 stix floaters on my rig today(plus two sandpaper grips in cork). With macroport on, im still 1500g negative. So stix wont solve this bouyancy issue.
  3. Hello. Im going to egypt in december and i have been waiting for Nauticams new version of floatarms but they never show up. Have been waiting for 6month now and im starting to get worried about not getting them for the trip. So i started to look around the web for alternatives. And i found hugyfot adjuatable floatarms. First i was sceptical but after a while i started to like the concept. You fill them up with water at a certain deepth. Deeper=more water=less bouyancy. https://www.hugyfot.com/assets/media/downloads/HugyFloat_brochure.pdf Now i wonder if anyone had them, have seen them or heard anything about them. Does it work well? Are the quality good? Etc.. The only downside i can think of is that my rig will be heavier above surface if i want to keep the same bouyancy for next dive. But as i will need over 1500gram for macro and 4arms will give me about 1600g, i dont need that much water inside them,if any. For wide angel i will use two arms, instead of four. Share you thoughts! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello. New member here. From sweden. New to photo and videography. Still learning!
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