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  1. Go for it. 100%. It's not only about the gear. It could also save a trip (think about a misplaced oring on day 1 of a 2 weeks trip...).
  2. Hi Everyone, I have moved on from a Nikon D300 in a Subal housing to a D500 in a brand new Aquatica AD500. Everything works beautifully, with the exception of my flash. I am banging my head trying to find a fix and was wondering if any of the tech savvy photographers on the forum might take pity on me and offer some advice. The flash is a Nikon SB-800 in a Subal housing connected via a Subtronics cord (Nikonos connectors). The AD500 has two nikonos-type sockets. When connected to the Aquatica AD500/Nikon D500, I have two issues : If I wait for more than 30 seconds or so between shots, I have to take one or two pictures to « wake-up » the flash before it starts triggering properly – i.e. lots of missed opportunities TTL doesn’t work (I normally shoot in manual but TTL is handy when shooting macro or fast moving action). I have used the SB-800 with my old Nikon D300 in a Subal housing for many years and never had these issues. Also, both the flash and the sync cord work perfectly. All four flash switches inside the AD500 housing are down (I've tried to put them up but it makes the situation worth). Many Thanks ! Best regards
  3. Hi Everyone, New member from Geneva, Switzerland. Thanks for the registration! Phil
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