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  1. Sorry but I'm not far enough for it to cause this much haze. You can see these two turtle shots, same dive different turtles. You can tell which is from my camera, the shot from the Sony is also deeper and further away from subject than I was. I've shot with all different variants of white balance, but usually stick between 6300-7000 Kelvin. The Sony rig also uses NO strobes or artificial lighting.
  2. Thanks for the info but I know how to edit, the problem is, all other cameras (without strobes) on trip are showing RAW files that look x 100 better than what is on my canon. This is probably the clearest water I've shot in and it looks the same as my shots in just 3m viz. Something isn't right...
  3. I am not shooting with any strobes or artificial lighting. All taken in full light in the middle of day. The Mantas - Im 4ft from them in less than 5m water. The turtle - Maybe 2m away in 7m of water. Reef - Within 4ft in 3m of water. I know strobes would help a lot, but it should not be hazy like this. When I picture that day on the reef with the great visibility we had, then look through my RAW file, its quite disappointing. Just to give you an idea of the water conditions, here's a 4k video screenshot from my friends GoPro 6. He is on the surface around 5m up.
  4. So first off, I'm shooting with a Canon 7D MII in a Nauticam housing w/ 8' acrylic dome. Switching between a Canon 18-55mm 3.6f & Tokina 10-17mm 3.5f fisheye. I've been on a few trips now with other photographers, we are shooting in water with almost perfect visibility, ranging from 20-30m. Why is there so much dam haze in my photos? It makes the water look like there is barely 3 meters of visibility. It looks terrible, I've compared shots in the same time frame to my Gopro 6 and other photographers cameras and the difference is huge. They shoot with sony's, no extra lighting and their RAW images look amazing already, I can edit mine to look semi decent but the outcome is below average. I don't understand what's happening, I've attached some jpeg samples of unedited RAW images. Is there some setting on my camera that I'm missing, is anyone having this issue with the same model camera?
  5. Hey everyone, This method of aquaculture in the Mediterranean caught my attention last year, so I went to Malta and filmed their with some friends. With some improvements, do you think this could be a sustainable way of harvesting tuna in the future? Article and video: http://saltnomads.com/farming-tuna-mediterranean/
  6. Hi, I'm a freediver from Australia, I experiment with photo and video projects when I have the time. Here to learn and share Aaron
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