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  1. I'm planning to upgrade from G7X MkII to Sony A7R III or A7 III. Pls advice where to invest. Mainly used for photography. Pls consider that it'll be in the hands of a newbie. A7R III or A7 III: The megapixel says it all for sure, pls ignore that part. Surely if budget permits I'll go for the "R". Questions is should I secrifice in everyway possible to go for the "R" & go cheap on the rest. Is the difference really a big jumper? 90mm Macro: Should be the best for macro right? I've read somewhere that focusing is abit hard at low lights. AF keeps on hunting & slow... Is this the right one or others? 16-35 f4 ZA OSS: From my research this would be sufficient for starters & would last a very long time till turns pro. Any other to consider to invest? Housing: If budget permits I'm surely going for a more reputed one. Currently I'm only looking into SeaFrog. Considerably super cheap. Problem with it is I need to secrifice "joystick" functions, the housing excluded the functions. Not many might have come across Seafrog Housings. The concern is "Am I going to loose out alot by going cheap & sacrificing joystick functions". Joystick functions really benefits, used constantly or make a big difference? Reputed housing & ports price TRIPLES the price of Seafrog. That's just too tempting to ignore. If this housing is okay it'll permits me to go for the A7R III body. Seafrog A7RIII/A7III Housing: https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/sony/products/sony-a7r-iii-fe12-24mm-f4g-40m-130ft-uw-camera-housing-kit-with-6-dome-port-including-standard-port-1 Thanking all indavnce for your opinions. It'll help me a lot to decide on which one to prioritize Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  2. I'm planing to upgrade my camera to Sony A7III. The only thing that got me considering is the Optical Converter. Currently Sea & Sea is the only one that offers one that works on TTL but it's housing much more expensive comparing to Nauticam. Comparing both housing I need to fork out $700++ for the Sea & Sea housing. The converter would cost around $500 for either brand based on other models. I'm doubtful about the Optical Converter performance. Accurate..??? It's too new for the A7III converter. Any model of Camera or Optical Converter that works with TTL welcomed By the way is there a 3rd party brand that works with the Nauticam Housing?
  3. Hi, Currently I'm shooting with a Canon G7X MkII with 2x YS-D2. Looking forward to upgrade it. Sony A6500 is my pick but I was highly advice to get Nikon D750. I'm seeking advice on these 2 or wait till Nikon new Z mirrorless(2.4MP) The mentioned surely are based on budget as well... Looking for a used set up. On this part, Nikon got higher chances of getting used items. The big question is the performance & weight. If the D750 is a good investment then surely I'll pick that one. I've been asking around & was mostly replied with "Why a mirrorless?". Don't just go halfway, get something that does the job... Pls help out on this one... A6500 vs D750 Also pls advice on lens to go with both cameras. All Sony lens cost a boom, that's the biggest downside. Sony 90mm macro is really good but really worth it pairing with a A6500? Thanking all in advance
  4. Hi, I'm Dennis, from Malaysia. Still new on UW photography. Shooting with a G7X MkII.
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