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  1. Hi, Maybe someone would like to go to the Galapagos for below $3,000. PM me if you are interested, trip leaves on the 18th of Oct. on board the Humboldt explorer.
  2. great stuff Jim, glad to hear that you enjoyed in Anilao I hope your surgery will be a success and everything works out fine for you. Adrien
  3. Hey Gary- guess you have another reason to come back buddy thank you, I think I forgot to tell my guide to turn his light on hahahahaha shark- thank you ed, i think the dome was a few mm away from the frogfish, he surely did not enjoy me taking pictures of him <_<
  4. Hi Stu, Salamat sa papuri sir. People have to realize that the Philippines is different from what they see on T.V. As long as you dont go to the places that you're not supposed too everything will be okay, and travelling around here is nice since nearly everyone understands english as well:)
  5. yes sir, those are from DUCOMI pier in Dumaguete. Thank you very much.
  6. Just want to share some pictures taken in Anilao and Dumaguete. Used a Nikon D200, 10.5 fisheye lens, Inon z240 strobes. Dumaguete Anilao Thought it was time to share some wide angle since I always post Macro photos ;D Thanks. Adrien
  7. hi herb, great pics, i like the different angle on the coleman shrimps:)
  8. Hey James I really like this set, Its really great that you were able to find a model that looks like a natural in the water Adrien
  9. Hi James, I do work in Dive Solana as the manager, when im not taking care of guests im diving and looking for more critters for the photographers where did you stay when you guys came here? Only a few people know where the Rhinopias is How did you find Anilao? Adrien
  10. The typhoon was around 2 weeks ago, pretty bad in some areas had a passenger ferry sink with 800 people on board In anilao it wasnt that bad. This season we've only found two rhinopias so far, but Im sure more to be found Dive sites are okay from what Ive seen
  11. thank you tazzie, im thinking of printing that particular photo in fact, now even more reason to have it printed
  12. Hello everyone, some pics from Anilao. Some shots were taken during the summer and some before and after Typhoon Frank rolled in. +/- comments would greatly be appreciated. Thank you. Mantis shrimp Blue ring with eggs Hairy frogfish Shrimp on crinoid Rhinopias Rhinopias 2 Crab Thats it, thank you Wetpixel Adrien
  13. great photos you have here, I like the mantis with eggs the most
  14. Hey Mike, Im sorry I missed you when you were over here, please do let me know when and Id gladly dive with you anytime
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