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  1. Hey guys, I have a lot of unused stuff laying around the house that I'm getting rid of before we move. One item is my Olympus PWC-01 Wide Angle Lens. This is a good opportunity for you to pick up a WA lens for your Olympus 4040 or 5050 for cheap. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions!
  2. Thanks for posting that one John! It definitely made me smile!
  3. WOW! Awesome composition. Its a centered shot, but almost uses thirds on the eyes. Are you sure its not a Mimic Octopus trying to fool you into thinking its a cowboy hat? Okay.. I know... lame joke. But man! Great shot!
  4. Critique / comments are welcome! 8) http://www.diverhead.com/album_personal.php?user_id=4
  5. Good composition... what is the diver grabbing? :shock:
  6. I would have thought it would look better with the subject's eye intersecting on the top left thirds intersection, but Aengus is completely right. It looks much better with the tighter crop. Amazing saturation, color, and overall texture! Put that baby on the wall! 8)
  7. It looks almost as if the honu is meditating, has found his chi, and has achieved a perfect hover. :mrgreen: Nice shot!
  8. A week or two before Sea & Sea announced their closing down of the USA operations, I received notice about a S2 housing recall. It seems there are problems with a select few bulkheads. I'm unsure if mine is one of the "select few", but they suggested I send it in to be checked. This was right before a trip to B.C. and I've already logged numerous dives with the housing without a drop of leaking issues. So, I decided to wait for the Sea & Sea USA / TUSA thingy to cool down and let the dust settle before I send my housing in. After all, who knows how long it will take to get the darned thing back. Trip to B.C. and no leaking. Several local dives and no leaking. Trip to Roatan and no leaking... So... does anybody know if the "dust has settled"? I plan on calling my Sea & Sea rep to check, but I'd like to see what the word on the street is before sending in my baby to be serviced in the belly of the beast. :mrgreen:
  9. Oh yes, the exploding whale! One of the most "wonderful" events us Oregonians have to brag about. Because in Oregon, we don't fin sharks... we blow up whales! The definitive Exploding Whale website
  10. I used to shoot my Oly 4040, taking off the WA lens when I wanted a fish portrait, putting on the macro lens when I found a nudi, putting on the WA lens when I saw a nice reef scene. I would do all of this during the dive, and I thought it was to my advantage. When I upgraded from my Oly 4040 to my Fuji S2, I noticed that being "stuck" with your lens actually helps me creatively. When I am "stuck" with my macro lens, I think macro, and tend to explore every nook and cranny. When I am "stuck" with my WA lens, I tend to look at the big picture. I found that when you are in the same "frame" of mind as your camera, you end up with superior results. I do admit, I could be a bit peaved when I'm shooting macro and the whale shark swims by, but I'll end up with an awesome shot of a whale shark eye! And how many of those have you seen? Sometimes rules can help me think outside the box. And oh yeah, my decrease in fishbutt intake has been awesome! Shutter lag and moving subjects are like oil and water. I say, if you have the SLR... house it! Just my two cents.
  11. Beautiful images! Hope I get to visit Cocos in 2004.
  12. and one more... Lots more photos from the trip can be viewed at my photo gallery.
  13. I agree about the challenge in contrast with deep coldwater dives. Here is one of my "best attempts" from the Saskatchewan in B.C. at 100fsw.
  14. A bunch more can be viewed at MY PHOTO GALLERY
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