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  1. Does anyone actually know where this story about the crashed turtles come from? Has actually anyone seen any crashed turtles caused by the "barge incident"? Has anyone seen the fisherman with a net full of caught Barracudas from Sipadan as reported by a photographer in another forum, if not how reliable is the source of information? I beg you, don't just believe anything you read in forums and blogs...I'm involved in documentary filmmaking and for us the rules says: Any fact need to be confirmed by at least two independent sources. I have seen the damage caused by the barge, yes it's true it is a disaster, yes it is good it has been made public and I'm sure the Sabah Government will act immediately....but please don't blow it out of proportion. Rather compare it to the impact legal activities such as fishing trawlers, mining, plantations have on the marine environment. The damage is on a few hundred square metre big patch on top of the reef near the beach. For the ones who haven't been there, I have attached a satellite picture of Sipadan Island with the damaged area marked in red. The rest of the reef and fishlife is as good as ever. In one word: World Class. With dramatizing the incident and publishing rumors of conspiracy and total destruction you do more damage then you do good. Think about the general impact on the economy, and I'm not talking about the rich & famous here, but more about the many families who depend on Sabah's tourism industry, living from a monthly salary that couldn't even pay the 1GB memory card in your digital SLR's. Please use the internet to report confirmed facts not to sensationalize. Thank you.
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