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  1. if Hi Mr. Grouper, i have the flash trigger if you need. You can send me a pm if you want more details! have a nice day, Marta
  2. Hi René, is your housing still for sale? Where would you be shipping it from? Thank you very much in advance! marta
  3. Hello! I am selling an Aquatica housing for Canon 5D Mark II that has accompanied me for a couple of years. It is an extremely robust and reliable piece of kit, which has never flooded nor given me any trouble. I need to sell it because (against my will...!) I am moving to Sony. I have added a couple of pictures I took with it so you can get an idea of the potential. The pack includes: -Aquatica housing: It is used but in good working condition. The housing has acoustic and visual water sensor, an hydrophone cable and the flash cable. Very practical -8'' dome: has one very tiny scratch that should be easy to remove, and that is invisible on the pictures anyway. Include a shade and a neoprene cover. -Flash cables: 2x short nikonos cables (5pin) + 2x10m nikonos cables (5pin), ideal for landscape or studio pictures -Canon 5D Mark II body: little cosmetic imperfections, but in excellent condition. Never fell on the floor -Canon 20mm/F2.8: excellent optic for landscape photography. It has a couple of cosmetic imperfections that were there when I bought it, but it works perfectly. -Accessories: 2xBattery + Battery charger + 2 x16G memory card + Camera strap Do not hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions. Have a nice day!
  4. Unfortunately the link is not working anymore... Do you have a working one? I has always wondered that. I just came back from a trip in Anilao, ans I have seen several seahorses with redish eyes... Apparently, in order to have the animal's look, photographers use red light to do the focus, so the seahorses look at them, and then they shoot with the stoves at full power. And this has to be multiplied for tens of photographers queuing behind each other to wait for their turn. Not very ethical photography...
  5. Hi, that is a great initiative! My instagram is @marta.sostres https://www.instagram.com/marta.sostres/
  6. Hi everyone, Anyone selling a nauticam housing for Canon 5D Mark III? I'm currently using an aquatica housing for the mark II (which will be for sale soon!) but I would like to upgrade and switch to nauticam to exchange domes with my buddy. Thanks! Marta
  7. Hi everyone! Diving has been my passion (and sometimes my job too) for the last 10 years. One year ago I started diving with rebreather, and almost immediately got into UW photography- it's definitely a perfect combination. I'm looking to upgrade from canon 5D mark II to mark III or IV, so I'm selling one and looking for the other
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