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  1. Now I have ordered a ETTL converter print from http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/indexe.htm They tell me that the ETTL converter will do the trick to convert the INON Z240 to a TTL strobe and the focus light will function as supposed by pressing the shutter. I am looking forward to see if it is true. Is there any of you who have tried it? :
  2. The focus light stays on for about 8sec. or take a picture after the button pops out. Kind regards Mads
  3. It is not exactly what I like to hear. But thank you for the answer. Kind regards Mads
  4. Hi! Do to lack of a manual I am confused why I can’t make the target laser and the focus light work by pressing the shutter button halfway. The canon D350 camera is connected with an n5 to INON/S&S cable to the INON Z240. Any idea why? I am considering buying an OEM Converter for Canon ETTL Kind regards Mads
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