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  1. Thanks for moving it into the right forum, Adam. Yes, the plan is to mate it with an 8" dome. I only ever plan to use it at very shallow depths (in a pool), so I'm even considering taking it to a machine shop to have a bit shaved off from the inside if it's too tight a fit. Here's the response I got from Ikelite regarding this lens: Based on online specs, that lens would be a very tight fit in the FL port system. The diameter limit is 3.3”. If the lens length is 3.5” it would probably fit in a # 5511.2 port but I would recommend a longer # 5511.3 port which will definitely fit and generally provides better edge sharpness.
  2. Has anyone attempted this configuration? Will the lens fit?? Ikelite states the diameter limit to be 3.3" (83.82mm) and the lens diameter is 83mm (3.26772") Dan
  3. Hello All! Dan Robichaud from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My interest in underwater photography is to take my synchronized swimming photography under the surface. I have a Nikon D750 I plan to use for this purpose, still researching which housing to choose, but that is why I am here!
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