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  1. I just purchased a new Ikelite DS 125, When I see carefully at the flash tube, it is not flawless glass, there some glass like melted like shown in the photo here. I am afraid this melted glass could break the flash tube it self. Does your DS 125 has this mark also ? Will it getting bigger ? Thanks, Regards,
  2. Hi again, Yes it was a nice strobe, but now I lost that one caused by problem described in previous post, I have returned my SS200 to Ikelite for evaluation, and now back to use my Sea&Sea YS90. Hoping that I will get excellent service as you've got... Cheers,
  3. Since its body construction same with Substrobe SS-200, Be careful at fuel gauge part (Battery Led Indicator) which pottentially broken under pressure (underwater) and caused fatality flooded. Even with good care & O-ring maintenance, my SS200 totally flooded by broken fuel gauge at 20m depth, and Ikelite will not responsible for this.
  4. Glad to hear this.... My Ikelite SS-200 suddenly exploded at the fuel gauge (battery indicator) at 20m depth. The strobe was purchased in 2004, always stored at its hard case (pelican), I was use it twice or 3x every year. Now they (ikelite) still evaluate and inspect mine, hope and pray ikelite can help me out this problem with their best service. Regards,
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