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  1. $3850 for everything. I’ll post it tomorrow with pics.
  2. I have a Nauticam D500 housing, camera, Zen 100mm dome and the tokina 10-17 that I’m willing to sell if you’re still looking.
  3. Is the Nauticam 140mm dome still available? If so is it the one with the removable shade? thank You!
  4. . Yes it does. Its the original viewfinder which I will reinstall. I had a different viewfinder on there which is now on my D500.
  5. Price drop...camera, housing, flash trigger, vacuum system..$3950
  6. I’m interested in the Zen 9” dome and the zoom gear for the Nikon 16-35 if they are still available. Thanks!
  7. . You can use the 50mm for macro but you’ll want the 15mm fisheye lens for wide angle. A Zen 170mm dome port new costs $999. I see some for sale here on wetpixel also!
  8. No lenses or ports are included however I have a brand new in the box Sigma 15mm fisheye lens that I paid $609 for . I can sell it for $500 if interested.
  9. I am selling my Nikon D810 with a shutter count of 680 practically brand new. Also selling my Nauticam housing which has the vacuum system installed and Im including the flash trigger. The price is a firm $4500 which is a steal at that! Im located in south Florida but willing to ship worldwide if buyer pays shipping.
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