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  1. On Pan Ocean Photo I start a new series of workshops on underwater cave photography. In the first video I deal with the preparation and planning, in order to be able to photograph safely and creatively in the darkness of the caves. http://panoceantravel.com/en/tutorial-cave-photography/ Within the next weeks there will be videos about equipment, illumination, image design, post-processing etc. I am looking forward to your comments and feedback! Roland
  2. For the latest part of our video series on underwater photography we travelled to the Manatees in Florida. There we show you how to take interesting photos in bad visibility close to the surface. http://panoceantravel.com/?p=1285&lang=en
  3. I have published a four-part online tutorial on underwater photography in Cenotes. It is based on Yucatan in Mexico and deals with the preparation, equipment, lighting conditions and design of exceptional shots in these very mystical environments. http://panoceantravel.com/?page_id=1032&lang=en Have fun with the videos that contain English subtitles.
  4. For underwater photography in very special places I travelled high into the North Atlantic. But on Iceland, I were not only enthusiastic about geological structures in the water. On PanOceanPhoto I report about the first part of my 10 day rountrip. http://panoceantravel.com/?p=1265&lang=en
  5. In terms of visibility September and October are great. Later in the year the wind is getting strong and the sea rough. Therefore there is no diving in the North of Vancouver Island.
  6. In search of the Pacific giant octopus we visited one of the most colorful cold water diving areas in the world. We were deeply impressed after our underwater photography expedition to Vancouver Island in Canada. Here is our report! http://panoceantravel.com/?p=1139&lang=en
  7. I am afraid that research into the Sardine Run in Colombia is still in its infancy. I would also be very interested in the answer to that question.
  8. I have just posted a report about an adventurous journey to the Pacific coast of Colombia in search of huge schools of sardines. Please feel read here: http://panoceantravel.com/?p=1105&lang=en I appreciate your comments and remarks Roland
  9. Hi, I am Roland from Germany. For the last 15 years I have been diver, instructor, traveler and underwater photographer. I have just started my own homepage now. Check out http://www.panoceanphoto,com.
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