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  1. I've seen this point made quite a few times, and I just want to chime in - the risk factor is NOT the appeal for many of us. I'm pretty risk-averse in general, but I would absolutely love to go on this sort of dive. The few chances I've had to be in the water with big sharks have been amazing experiences. I would dive despite the risk, not because of it, and I know a lot of people feel the same.
  2. Actually, that's a good point about the ambient light being enough. The last few times I've done the dive, it was during the Kona Classic (guaranteeing large numbers of photogs), but it sounds like it's pretty well-lit even on a normal day. And the krill, ugh - a good reason to leave my lights off sometimes. (And to wear a beanie - otherwise I just can't stop thinking about critters in my ears!) Did I mention I can't wait? Been nine months since work took me there last - I'm having serious withdrawal!
  3. Thanks for all the tips - that helps a lot. We're doing the manta dive with Torpedo Tours, and diving with Jack's Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I'll see you out there! By the way, Hawaii's big swell and crappy vis is still better than what I'm used to around here - I'm sure no matter what, we'll have a blast!
  4. Hi all, We're heading to Hawaii in a few weeks, and have a manta dive scheduled. We've done it three times before and had mantas every time, so hopefully our luck will hold. This is my first time doing it with the HC3, however (L&M bluefin housing, halogen lights). And since I'm still learning (ie, 'terrible at') manual white balance, I thought I'd solicit some advice before going after hi-def mantas. It's a tricky lighting situation down there. The halogens are nice for when mantas get close, but for wider shots of all the action, there are always tons of people down there with much bluer (and brighter) HIDs. So if you balance for closeups, wides look blue; if you balance for wides, the manta that comes zooming right at you winds up red. Does anyone have advice for finding a happy middle ground? Or is the best bet to spend a chunk of time shooting farther shots (perhaps leave it on auto-WB for the first half of the dive, since it would be hard to MWB for blue lights when mine aren't), and then switch to manual white balance using my own lighting for closer shots? And then there's always the fallback - fix it in post-production! I really need to shell out for Color one of these days... Thanks for any tips!
  5. Details, pictures and contact information here: For Sale: Top Dawg Monitor Back
  6. We went to Santa Barbara Island yesterday, and had the best combination of good visibility and cooperative sea lions that I've ever seen. And when I say 'cooperative,' I mean we couldn't get away from these guys! I am the king of cute: worship me Family playtime Out of focus, but too funny not to post Half the fun was the surface swims when we got a little current-ed away from the boat: we always had an escort of a pack of sea lions chasing us along! Dogpile: More pics here: Santa Barbara Island, 2/4/07 (Don't poke around too much in that gallery yet; it's only half-populated - in the process of moving our stuff to a faster server!) I'll post some video footage when I get the chance; my friend was good enough to loan me his HC-1 rig, so I have loads of high-def sea lion footage. Blowing bubbles, eating rocks, chewing on Jeff's hood - you name it!
  7. Hi Matt - yes, John was there, as well as a few other pretty serious photographers and videographers. It was a nice day. I've got a post over on Scubaboard trying to ID that fish. TJ votes for "mutant perch." Whatever it was, it was pretty darned ugly.
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