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  1. Just in regards to my cracked handles, Nauticam did not cover them under warranty and I had to buy new ones, So a black mark against Nauticam I'm afraid if this is a common issue let's hope they have fixed it.
  2. Thanks Chris I’ll look at how the new handles are designed, just waiting to hear from my local Nauticam dealer in regards to warranty if any.
  3. Thanks I’ll contact the Nauticam dealer here in NZ.
  4. Hi just enquiring if anyone has had the same issue with cracked handles. The handles on my DSLR Nauticam housing have cracks on both handles at the base where the screw attaches to housing. Is this a common issue? I would hate it to snap while I have my 230 glass dome attached!
  5. Hi wanting to buy a Nauticam Adapter for Ikelite 5510.45 Dome if any one has one they want to sell. Will pay shipping and PayPal fees. Regards Alex
  6. Hi guys if you want to keep your children busy and educated on the Ocean and its animals while in lockdown show them this great show from New Zealand. Interviews with filmmakers and photographers. https://www.youngoceanexplorers.com/yoe/livestream/1032804372892?filter=true#cplayer
  7. Hi John I used a sigma 15mm fisheye as the tiger sharks came very close. The main problem is the amount of fish that get between your camera and the sharks so the fisheye worked out great. You will have a great time if staying at Beqa lagoon Resort check out the house reef for macro I spent hours on the reef and found loads of critters. Also dont miss The site Fantasea have fun.
  8. Attached a Gopro to the top of my housing and pressed record while I did still photographs of the sharks. In editing I added the photographs to the movie to show when they were added, something a bit different https://youtu.be/XRVcErnRtCo
  9. I wonder if you can use the Nikon 60mm 2.8D? I love that lens its so sharp.
  10. Ok cheers for that Ill try both and see if I can see any difference
  11. Hi just after some advise I have just got a Nikon 16-35mm f4 which I will be using on a full frame D800 behind a Nauticam 230 glass dome port. On the port chart they recommend a 90mm port extension but I am just wondering if I can get away with just a 70mm? I have a 70mm and a 20mm so could put those Together to make a 90mm but Just seeing if any one uses a 70mm and if they are happy with the results. Cheers Alex
  12. Ok cheers for that Pedro I'll try a few things and see if I can get it working on the Ikelite. Cheers Alex
  13. Hi any ideas? I have a The Remote Slave Unit (RSU-N) by https://heinrichsweikamp.com/but I can't get it to fire my slave strobes. I tried it with a Sea&Sea YS 30 with a Sea&Sea sync cord with Nikonos point. This did not fire the strobe but strobe set to slave will fire. Next I tried an Ikelite DS125 with Ikelite to Nikonos sync cord (red) but that did not fire either. Any ideas on what I need to do to get it working. Cheers Alex
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