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  1. Hi All, I have published a new article about uw fashion photo, which I thought might interest some of you. I know, it's usually better to insert the content directly into the forum, but I just can't copy from the source, so here's the link: http://michelbraunstein.com/underwater-fashion-photography/ I hope you like it and it'll be useful to you. Best, Michel
  2. Great shots! The wreck deserves some morecontrast, it'll look much better, this can be easily corrected.
  3. Dan, can you tell where did you buy it? It's not easy to find. Tnx!
  4. Hi all, Here are some nice footage featuring Anderson Cooper from 60 minutes diving with crocs in Botswana: Link removed-marketing: Admin
  5. A movie called "Attention, a life in Extremes" with a new look to extreme sports through the life and challenges of three athletes looking at the psychology and philosophy behind 'super-human behaviour'. Among the 3 athletes, freediving world champion Guillaume NĂ©ry The movie is still unfinished. You may also help to finish the production. See here for more info. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1366299329/attention-a-life-in-extremes Link modified to go direct to Kickstarter page-admin
  6. Mostly interesting! http://www.michelbraunstein.com/first-two-headed-bull-shark-found/
  7. A nice exampke of coral reef rehabilitation on a dead reef zone Coral Guardian Sanctuary
  8. If you haven't seen this yet, it's a must to see how this amazing picture of jacks shoal dwarfing a diver was shot by Octavio Aburto. David and Goliath ? Scuba Diver Looks Tiny next to Huge School of Jack Fish
  9. Hi all, For the international Day of the Woman, here is a fascinating story of a woman freediving with sharks to protect them. A few stunning clips realized by underwater photographer, Lesley Rochat, showing the shark fin industry. She didn't hesitate to pose naked on a shark net for a campaign again the nets in Aliwal Shoal, South Africa A must to see: Freediving with Sharks ? Lesley Rochat.
  10. Hi all, It's hard to see and still not clear what killed these 220 mobula rays and washed up on the beach in Gaza. Mobulas haven't been spotted in the region for 6 years. This happened just a few days before the CITES which will open in Bangkok and an agreement should result on some species of sharks and rays fishing regulation. If you haven't signed the manta rays petition yet, it's the moment to do it now befor the CITES. Fishermen collected and gut 220 Mobula Rays in Gaza
  11. To all David Doubilet fans, here's a sharktalk he held a few days ago at Yale University SharkTalks ? David Doubilet ? ?Photography: The Language of Conservation?
  12. This beautiful clip has been directed by Shawn Heinrichs and is featuring model and free-diver Hannah Fraser. She's dancing at night with a few mantas on a splendid music. The clip's "making of" is also great to see. It's a good occasion to sign the so important Manta Rays Slaughtering petition for those who didn't do it yet, but first of all, see this fantastic short movie.
  13. Eric, Did you notice that you need to login twice, the first one to the Wetpixel website/blog and the second to the foru. I don't know if it's only for me but I need to login the website even if in the forum I'm already logged on. Happened on more than one computer. M
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