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  1. Blue Life in Playa del Carmen, bluelife.com Check them on TripAdvisor they are just amazing. Top in the Riviera Maya.
  2. Thank you all for your reply, I decided to buy the zoom gear, the vacum valve and a red filter which I will stop using as soon as I know my camera better, but in the mean time I think I will need the filter. I will also take some classes and hope to buy lights in the future.
  3. Hello, I know nothing about photography and just bought the Sony A6500 with the kit lens (16-50mm), I am going to buy the Nauticam NA - A6500 housing and a red filter but, because I am already over my budget I want to be sure if I really really need the zoom gear and the M14 Vacuum Valve II. Also, for now I wont buy lights I know I have to but I just can not afford it right now, so does anyone knows the best settings for photo and video for this camera (conditions: no strobes, caribbean sea, warm water, normally good visibility and sunny). I will take underwater photography classes in a while, but in the meantime I would like to start taking acceptable pictures, if not I am going to be frustrated. Please help!!
  4. Hello, I just bought the Sony A6500 with Nauticam housing, does anyone knows the settings for this camera. I will take photography classes but in the meantime (while I learn) I will prefer to have the settings done. Thanks
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