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  1. Looking for a used Nikon D500 aluminium housing (Nauticam, Subal, Isotta) + ports and gears Interested in a 'complete' setup (wide angle and macro)
  2. After reading all the opinions and looking at more m43 uw pictures I definitely have a lot of growth left within this system. I am seriously considering getting the 45mm macro, looks like the best choice for UK diving and I would get 1.7x magnification with the CMC-1 for super macro and closer focus distance. Planning - I still feel like I rush so many shots because I fear missing the moment, and all those shots are always bad, I know it but I keep on doing it...I find it hard to control myself underwater, I get excited and try to shoot things that I know wont make a good picture. It is much better than a couple of years ago but still a challenge. The other challenge is to dive with non-photographers and with dives planned for 'divers' rather than 'photographers', it is almost impossible to keep up with the group. The shots are rushed because you don't have time to set up the shot or spend time with the animal so it lets you approach etc...I could do with liveaboards setup for photography rather than diving. I also love house reefs for this reason, you can just dive with your buddy(wife) without a group, no stress. Unfortunately I cannot take time off in July / August this year but will keep an eye on your Red Sea trips. Lighting - I have 2x Inon Z240 type 4 strobes. I have seen some people use dome shaped diffusers on them to soften the light and increase the angle. Are this worth it when shooting fisheye or wide angle? I am also looking at snoots. I think my choice is between Fabio Iardino's snooty snoot which supports my strobe (asked him) and does not have off centered issues with the focus light (due to some fibre optic design I was told) and the Backscatter MF + snoot which looks like easy to use but it's 'another' strobe + batteries + charger etc Wide angle - Is there a big difference between the Pana 14-42 + WWL-1 combo and the Canon 8-15 ? Is selling the pana + WWL-1 to offset the cost of the Canon 8-15 setup worth it? Sorry I keep throwing in more questions but I am learning quite a lot of things from everyone's comments which I really appreciate
  3. Just checked your instagram, you have really good pictures both uw and topside! Assuming they are all taken with m43 cameras I definitely don't need a bigger sensor - it is probably more wise to spend the money in a photoworkshop (if I can get a spot) and more trips/practice. Does the pana 45mm macro allow you to focus closer than the 60mm? If so that could be a good buy as I like to get really close and the 60mm feels a bit far without a wet diopter. Maybe the ports I have work with the 45mm or may need a small ext ring. I don't think I have issues with autofocus to be honest. For wide angle or fish portrait shots I dont use a focus light and AF is fine. For macro if its dark or deep then yeah a light helps the camera focus and sometimes it hunts a bit with the 60mm macro. It is not that I think the system is lacking, clearly it is very capable, maybe I should check out more pictures of UW photographers that use the m43 to actually believe the system is really capable and that it's me and not the system the main reason why the shots are not better. The question really was, am I going to take better pictures with the d500 system in my hands compared to the GH5? See some of photos here:
  4. Thanks Dave. Is there a big difference in weight & volume if you compare the d850 and the d500 systems ? I understand the FF lenses are bigger and heavier and the domes much larger which may be too much for me coming from an MFT setup hence why I was eyeing the d500. There is no way I will max out the d500 with my skills in years or ever :-) and that in itself is enough future proof for me. I do not care for having the latest models etc I just want something that is great value for money and is capable of taking great pictures.
  5. Hi Wolfgang, thank you. Really good points, maybe I should wait a little longer to see what comes next on MFT. The OM-2 or maybe an upgrade of the Pana G9? I have not seen much information around what Panasonic will be doing in the future in MFT for photography (GH6 recently released)
  6. Hi guys, I have been reading your posts around m43 cameras and lenses and also particularly around the capabilities of the nikon d500 with the tokina and 60mm macro I have been thinking about this for a while and I am still not sure if I should upgrade now, stay and build up on my accessories or change m43 camera and keep my ports and lenses. First steps: I owned a compact Sony Rx100mk2 with wet lenses (WWL-1 and CMC) and I was primarily doing video at the time. I then got 2x Inon Z240v4 strobes and started taking pictures. I was happy with this setup for a while but then I felt my pictures could improve with an interchangeable lens system. I saw a 2nd hand Nauticam GH5 housing for a good price and decided to jump into m43. Today: I own a Nauticam GH5 housing with lenses Oly 8mm with 4.3 dome, Pana 14-42, Oly 60mm macro, WWL-1, CMC-1 + ports. 2x Inon Z240v4. I am not interested in doing video anymore, which is the strength of the GH5, pictures are ok but I feel I am missing better dynamic range and colours (compared to the nikon d500). Not sure how much worse the GH5 is compared to the Oly EM-II or III. In terms of accessories I could get a viewfinder and a snoot to take better/different macro pictures or get the pana 45mm although I love the Oly 60mm macro, such a great little lens. Options are: I stick to my GH5 and buy other accessories like the viewfinder, snoot, the pana 45mm and wait for Olympus or Panasonic to release an improved body in the future compatible with my existing lens and port system. I swap my GH5 for an Oly EM-II / III or Pana G9 ? (the Oly OM-1 housing and body brand new are more expensive than a nikon d500 setup although I would not need to change lenses and ports - not sure if the jump in IQ is worth it) Or I get the nikon d500 + lenses 2nd hand and stick with that for the next few years. In terms of size and weight overall it is slightly bigger than the GH5 but not a huge difference. I have seen some people use the canon 8-15 and tokina with adapters on m43 but I feel it's an expensive jump if you add the cost of lenses + adapters + ports + dome Thanks!
  7. @JayceeB Nice pics! I was just wondering where the diving is? looks fantastic big and small!
  8. Shame I just bought the N85 35 macro port but I am still after the lens and the zoom gear. I already own the WWL-1 and CMC-1 but I am interested in the dome however my intention was to use it with the oly 8mm as most people say its a better lense. 

    How much are you after for the 14-42 lens + zoom gear and the acrylic dome?


  9. Thanks Dave. Great pics! Did you shoot these with the GH5+60mm Oly? https://immersed.net.au/critters-1 How did you achieve a black background with only 1/250 shutter speed?
  10. Thanks @ChrisRoss Found this topic on the Panasonic flash, looks like it works perfectly.
  11. Hi guys, I am finally upgrading from my compact Sony Rx100IV to a Panasonic GH5 - the decision was purely driven by price vs quality as I found a second hand Nauticam housing in excellent condition. My shooting will primarily be focused on stills but I do like the occasional video depending on the trip and destination. So, I currently own the WWL-1 and the CMC-1. After reading lots of posts my understanding is that they work very well with the Pana 14-42 II. I guess this will 'get me going' with this camera until I am ready for true fish eye and macro lenses. Do I also need a zoom and focus ring for this lens with the wet lenses above? Fisheye It appears the Olympus 8mm to be better than the Panasonic (this is lighter and cheaper) - if I look at the second hand market the price isnt too bad as long as I find a second hand small dome for it. Macro I see recommendations for the Olympus 60mm everywhere which I can combine with the CMC-1 for super macro. Finally I am not sure what to get to trigger my Inon Z240 strobes, I have been looking at the Nauticam mini flash trigger and Turtle trigger. I dont use TTL only manual. Any recommendations for this? What is the top shutter speed I can get with these flash triggers? Cheers
  12. Want to Buy Nauticam N85 35 Macro port + zoom ring + Pana 14-42mm II lens Nauticam N85 4inch dome port + Pana 8mm fisheye lens Nauticam N85 30 extension ring + focus ring + Olympus 60mm macro lens Ideally looking for combos but I am also interested in buying them separately. Thanks
  13. Interested in the whole pack if you are willing to ship to the UK. Can you confirm if you are including the nauticam vacuum valve too? I would also love to see some of your pictures if you are happy to share, cannot find many online with this exact setup. I currently use a compact Sony R100IV with wet lenses and I am looking to upgrade. Thanks
  14. Looking for a Nauticam Olympus EM1 MkII housing + ports/lenses (fish eye and macro) if anyone is interested in selling a package.
  15. Hi guys, Very interesting what AOI/Backscatter have come up with the Oly EPL-10. I am also hunting for a new 'compact' 'travel friendly' mirrorless system and cannot resist the temptation of 'sacrificing' a bit of sensor and AF for the benefit of a much cheaper but still good system. My thoughts What I want? I want the EM1-MkII in a Nauticam housing + ports and relevant lenses but that costs too much $$$ for me. Then I thought - maybe AOI come up with a housing for the EM5-MkIII and I can get something in between? Well yes...but no. Unfortunately the retail price for the EM5MK3 housing its too high in my opinion - see here https://www.uwcamerastore.com/aoi-uh-em5iii-underwater-housing-for-olympus-o-md-e-m5iii - also the fact it uses OM-D ports has killed it for me as I own the WWL-1 and CMC wet lenses which work really well for MFT cameras. What I love from the AOI Oly EPL-10 housing. The vacuum (although I am not sure if you can take this underwater as it is or needs to be removed prior to diving unlike the Nauticam or like the SaltedWater one) and the LED trigger!!! This is insane for this price. This LED trigger will allow you to shoot continuously at the speed of your strobe recycling times and it wont cost you any battery life on the camera. Not sure what the max sync speed is but I guess it can do 1/250 or more? Final thoughts. As Alex Mustard puts it in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtuNwnsabfA you are better off with a smaller sensors/body + good lenses for underwater and ports than a bigger sensor without any attachments. Obviously this is all about how much money you have to spend here. I also found the lenses Oly/Pana offer are better value for money for UW photography than the Sony range (in case you are looking at the Sony a6400 on a Saltedline housing) Cheers
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