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  1. Hi guys, Very interesting what AOI/Backscatter have come up with the Oly EPL-10. I am also hunting for a new 'compact' 'travel friendly' mirrorless system and cannot resist the temptation of 'sacrificing' a bit of sensor and AF for the benefit of a much cheaper but still good system. My thoughts What I want? I want the EM1-MkII in a Nauticam housing + ports and relevant lenses but that costs too much $$$ for me. Then I thought - maybe AOI come up with a housing for the EM5-MkIII and I can get something in between? Well yes...but no. Unfortunately the retail price for the EM5MK3 housing its too high in my opinion - see here https://www.uwcamerastore.com/aoi-uh-em5iii-underwater-housing-for-olympus-o-md-e-m5iii - also the fact it uses OM-D ports has killed it for me as I own the WWL-1 and CMC wet lenses which work really well for MFT cameras. What I love from the AOI Oly EPL-10 housing. The vacuum (although I am not sure if you can take this underwater as it is or needs to be removed prior to diving unlike the Nauticam or like the SaltedWater one) and the LED trigger!!! This is insane for this price. This LED trigger will allow you to shoot continuously at the speed of your strobe recycling times and it wont cost you any battery life on the camera. Not sure what the max sync speed is but I guess it can do 1/250 or more? Final thoughts. As Alex Mustard puts it in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtuNwnsabfA you are better off with a smaller sensors/body + good lenses for underwater and ports than a bigger sensor without any attachments. Obviously this is all about how much money you have to spend here. I also found the lenses Oly/Pana offer are better value for money for UW photography than the Sony range (in case you are looking at the Sony a6400 on a Saltedline housing) Cheers
  2. We had a great time in Sardinia, it was our first time there and we loved it. People were really nice, the coast and the beaches are stunning, food, wine, weather it has it all! The diving was slightly better than what I was expecting since I dived in the Med a few years ago. We mainly dived around Isola Tavolara and Molara with Blu Infinito dive centre (great and smooth operation run by Fabio, great guy) nice coral and massive groupers if you dive Secca del Papa I and II. Strobes, first time I use them...it is tricky. I read the CFWA section from @Alex_Mustard s UWP Masterclass book at least 5 times. Quite tricky to work out distance to subject and strobe positions 9 - 3 or 10-2 for verticals and the impact in lighting. Hopefully we can go on some sort of photo trip next year and learn properly covid permitting... A lot of the pictures were also really dark when I had my strobes to Full and I checked they where firing...Shutter speed was 1/125 and F8 aperture so don't understand why? Anyway, great place for a holiday with some decent diving if Red Sea, SEA or Americas are a no go due to covid or other reasons. You can see the pictures here - More than happy to take on any comments constructive criticism to help me improve. Cheers Igor
  3. Thank you all for the recommendations much appreciated. We have decided to stay near Olbia close to a beautiful stretch of sand called 'La Cinta'. This is a 15min drive to dive centres that take you to AMP Tavolara which I thought looked like a nice place to dive after seeing a few pictures taken there - glad to have this confirmed @Alex_Mustard (I did actually watch that video a few days ago, in fact, I watch all of them, very valuable for a novice like me.) I have a small Sony Rx100v4 compact setup with a Nauticam WWL-1 + CMC-1 but I am really looking forward to this trip as it will be the first time I will be taking 2x Inon Z240 strobes, will see how it goes... Cheers Igor
  4. Hi guys, Due to this years Covid travel restrictions (not able to travel to the top destinations) we are looking at travelling to Sardinia from the UK for a holiday. Ideally we want to dive somewhere good for pictures if possible. We have looked at Azores but they require a negative PCR test on arrival so Italy/Greece/Turkey are the most likely destinations at the moment. Would appreciate if anyone has dived in Sardinia before and has any places that are worth visiting. Cheers
  5. Thanks, yeah I think going Oly EM1-2 or EM5-3 is plenty of gear for my basic skills. I also like the fact that I can start with a 14-42 II and my wetlenses and then upgrade to a dedicated macro and fisheye setup. Just trying to find a Nauticam housing on the second hand market, hopefully they will start appearing soon.
  6. Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for. Looking at the second hand market I can find more Oly Em5 Mk3 than Em1 Mk2s. I understand I would be loosing a bit of image quality but getting a camera which is slightly lighter for travelling. Is the EM5 MK3 still a good option?
  7. Thanks, I am leaning towards the EM1-Mk2 some of the pictures from this camera are stunning. I also think it would keep me busy for a few years as I am still learning so I should have a big room for growth with this system. Would also recommend the Pani 14-42 II for this camera as a start with wet lenses? I dont think I can afford to buy lenses + ports at the same time. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the comments. I can find lots of pictures taken with the Oly EM1 Mk2 on FB, Instagram and Flickr but really struggling to see what the GX9 is capable of? Not sure if I am searching it the wrong way but cannot find almost any underwater pictures taken with this camera.
  9. Hi guys, I am looking into upgrading my compact setup into a mirrorles system. I have been reading the forums for the last few days looking for advice and pros/cons of each system but I am now more confused than I was a few days ago. I am a novice shooter, started with a Sony Rx100 mk2 in a meikon housing (which flooded), then invested into a Nauticam housing (which I love) with a Sony Rx100 Mk4 + wet lenses, WWL-1 and CMC-1. My plan is to upgrade to a travel friendly not too big mirrorles system and use my wet lenses at the beginning, then gradually buy more lenses and ports and grow the system. The point is, I want to buy something that will last for a few years and be able to re-use the lenses and ports I buy now with a new body/housing in the future - assuming this is possible? Based on what I read around here I have 3 main systems (Mainly interested in stills but I do like to shoot video too) Sony a6500 or a6400 - Pros: Big sensor, metabones + tokina fish eye, good video, quite portable, price and value for money Cons: Autofocus issues with sony e lenses? 1/160 flash sync speed, white balance Panasonic GX9 - Pros Good selection of lenses from panasonic and olympus, small size, cheap great value for money compared to other options, decent video. Some people here recommended this system. Olympus EM1- Mk2 - Good selection of lenses from panasonic and olympus, best MFT system? Cons: A bit pricey, too big perhaps compare to the other two? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. I am struggling with this decision...so hoping someone can provide some advice based on experience. Background: I have been shooting mainly video and recently started to do some stills with a Sony RX100 mk2 in a Meikon housing, I got it all from ebay pretty cheap however due to user error :-( I flooded my housing and ruined the camera on my last trip so I am shopping for a new system. I have a limited budget and have been looking for the best housing+camera+ports combo I can possibly find that will allow me to grow with the same system in the near future (I do not want to upgrade again in 2 years time ideally). Got a really good deal from a friend and currently own the Nauticam WW1-L wide angle lense and CMC-1 macro lense so I was leaning towards a Nauticam housing mainly because they seem to be the best and to avoid compatibility issues. I am planning on doing stills and video 50/50 and would like to have a versatile system that can provide decent results on both areas. I am considering the below options Option 1: Lumix LX10 in the NA-LX10 pro housing package + use the wet lenses that I have. Option 2: Get a cheaper housing like the Fantasea a6500 V2 and go for a Sony a6300 with the kit lense + use the wet lenses - Can I use Nauticam wet lenses on a Fantasea housing? I really want a vacuum system on my housing after what happened and want to avoid going for a cheap Meikon/Seafrogs housing even if it includes a vacuum valve. I know there was no issue with the housing I had and it has served me well but it was not perfect. I just don't want to be worried about my camera or controls all the time.... Option 1 is a solid compact with a superb housing however I think Option 2 gives me more growth, flexibility and probably extra image quality within a less good housing...? Thanks
  11. Can you pls post some pictures of your kit and also list which accessories are included? Flat ports, vacuum valve, tray/arms etc? I am interested. Thanks
  12. WTB: Looking for Nauticam housing for Sony a6300 or a6500
  13. Hey guys, This is my first video on my modest Sony RX100-Mk2 setup after upgrading from Go Pro. Lots of things are not right and can be improved but I thought I would share it here for some constructive feedback. Setup: Sony RX100Mk2 Meikon housing Seafrogs wide angle dome No lights Edited in Adobe Premier Pro I missed having a macro lense for the nudibranch and small critter shots, is the Inon UCL-165M67 any good for this setup? Is there any way to swap between a wide and macro lense on the same dive, how do you store the lense you are not using? A good video light is also on my to buy list. Thanks everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ6PXcMfAMA
  14. Thanks Wolf Eel, I also found the below regarding the relation between zooming and f-stops at dpreview.com Be careful about zooming as you lose 3 stops from wide to tele with the RX100M2 (and RX100) - you may be better off shooting wide to take advantage of the lower ISO f/1.8 can give you and cropping. Also, the more you zoom in on your subject the higher the shutter speed you will need to avoid motion blur. Understand the steep relation of f-stop and zoom on this camera and be wary of loosing light with zoom. Get close, or else this camera looses it's edge in performance over the other P&S cameras. I guess if you also add low light conditions to that perhaps the whole thing makes a bit more sense. I will give it another try in the pool without using the zoom and with a torch or some sort of light to see how it behaves. It is also possible I was too close as it is easy to do that in the pool and not in open water on a reef. Thanks
  15. Thanks John, I meant AF Iluminator off I did some more testing at home in low light with limited ISO 160-800 first and the results were identical to underwater. As soon as I zoom in a bit the image gets really dark. I then changed the ISO to 32000, 1/50 f1.8 and it got much better and allowed me to zoom in much more before it got darker. Does this mean it was purely due to the fact that there wasn't enough natural light in the pool? Is this behavior expected from this camera?
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