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  1. I am struggling with this decision...so hoping someone can provide some advice based on experience. Background: I have been shooting mainly video and recently started to do some stills with a Sony RX100 mk2 in a Meikon housing, I got it all from ebay pretty cheap however due to user error :-( I flooded my housing and ruined the camera on my last trip so I am shopping for a new system. I have a limited budget and have been looking for the best housing+camera+ports combo I can possibly find that will allow me to grow with the same system in the near future (I do not want to upgrade again in 2 years time ideally). Got a really good deal from a friend and currently own the Nauticam WW1-L wide angle lense and CMC-1 macro lense so I was leaning towards a Nauticam housing mainly because they seem to be the best and to avoid compatibility issues. I am planning on doing stills and video 50/50 and would like to have a versatile system that can provide decent results on both areas. I am considering the below options Option 1: Lumix LX10 in the NA-LX10 pro housing package + use the wet lenses that I have. Option 2: Get a cheaper housing like the Fantasea a6500 V2 and go for a Sony a6300 with the kit lense + use the wet lenses - Can I use Nauticam wet lenses on a Fantasea housing? I really want a vacuum system on my housing after what happened and want to avoid going for a cheap Meikon/Seafrogs housing even if it includes a vacuum valve. I know there was no issue with the housing I had and it has served me well but it was not perfect. I just don't want to be worried about my camera or controls all the time.... Option 1 is a solid compact with a superb housing however I think Option 2 gives me more growth, flexibility and probably extra image quality within a less good housing...? Thanks
  2. Can you pls post some pictures of your kit and also list which accessories are included? Flat ports, vacuum valve, tray/arms etc? I am interested. Thanks
  3. WTB: Looking for Nauticam housing for Sony a6300 or a6500
  4. Hey guys, This is my first video on my modest Sony RX100-Mk2 setup after upgrading from Go Pro. Lots of things are not right and can be improved but I thought I would share it here for some constructive feedback. Setup: Sony RX100Mk2 Meikon housing Seafrogs wide angle dome No lights Edited in Adobe Premier Pro I missed having a macro lense for the nudibranch and small critter shots, is the Inon UCL-165M67 any good for this setup? Is there any way to swap between a wide and macro lense on the same dive, how do you store the lense you are not using? A good video light is also on my to buy list. Thanks everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ6PXcMfAMA
  5. Thanks Wolf Eel, I also found the below regarding the relation between zooming and f-stops at dpreview.com Be careful about zooming as you lose 3 stops from wide to tele with the RX100M2 (and RX100) - you may be better off shooting wide to take advantage of the lower ISO f/1.8 can give you and cropping. Also, the more you zoom in on your subject the higher the shutter speed you will need to avoid motion blur. Understand the steep relation of f-stop and zoom on this camera and be wary of loosing light with zoom. Get close, or else this camera looses it's edge in performance over the other P&S cameras. I guess if you also add low light conditions to that perhaps the whole thing makes a bit more sense. I will give it another try in the pool without using the zoom and with a torch or some sort of light to see how it behaves. It is also possible I was too close as it is easy to do that in the pool and not in open water on a reef. Thanks
  6. Thanks John, I meant AF Iluminator off I did some more testing at home in low light with limited ISO 160-800 first and the results were identical to underwater. As soon as I zoom in a bit the image gets really dark. I then changed the ISO to 32000, 1/50 f1.8 and it got much better and allowed me to zoom in much more before it got darker. Does this mean it was purely due to the fact that there wasn't enough natural light in the pool? Is this behavior expected from this camera?
  7. Hi guys, So I bought my first compact kit from ebay and tried it all in the pool yesterday but something is not quite right and can't figure out what it is. Setup: Meikon RX100ii housing Sony RX100ii - setup for underwater use only following this guide http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sony-rx100-iii-underwater-settings Camdive Fish eye wet dome lens ISO Auto 160-800 AF off Issue: The object (a weight) I was filming got out of focus as soon as I zoomed in a little or got a bit closer to it (1 feet +-) on video mode. Also the image was getting darker overall but more pronounced around the edge of the frame - no vignetting though, it was as if someone suddenly switched off the main light. Bigger objects like other divers doing some training seemed to be in focus all the time. See clip - http://sendvid.com/r3czlbzl As I zoom out it gets in focus and when zooming in again out of focus. I only do video with the camera and the dial was setup on A mode. I just pressed the movie button to start filming and was fiddling with the zoom a bit to test. There was a message on screen all the time that said 'Tracking focus' I have no idea if this is related or not. There was a layer of water between the house port and the dome lens (as it is supposed to be?) so the lens was working fine at providing wide angle. I changed the focus area from flexible spot to center but did not make any difference. Does anyone know what this could be? I hope there is nothing wrong with the focusing on the camera... Cheers
  8. Hi guys, I am Igor and love diving and filming the beauty of our oceans. I have just upgraded from a simple gopro to my first housing/camera/tray/lens setup so hoping to learn lots to take some great videos! cheers!
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