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    Canon G7X II
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    Fantasea FG7XII
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    Ikelite, Light & Motion
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    Ultralight arms, filters, wide angle wet lens
  1. Hi I'm selling a Canon GX7 Mark II with Fantasea FG7X II Underwater housing, and full light and filter kit. Below is a full list of everything included. I put this kit together with a lot of effort and research put into finding the best items to make a great, compact underwater photo and video kit, with potential for future expansion. - Canon GX7 Mark II - Fantasea FG7X II Underwater housing - Fantasea BigEye F series wide angle lens - Fantasea 67mm threaded red filter - Fantasea Eye Grabber F series - Fantasea M67 threaded filter holder - Fantasea RedEye Filter F series - Ultralight Control Systems tray, arms, and handles - Ikalite DS51 Strobe, Fiber optic cable and Converter - Light and Motion, Sola Video 3800 F I bought all of this equipment in December 2016, and used it for a couple of months while I was working as a dive instructor in Indonesia. It's all in excellent condition and 100% functional without any issues. The only visible signs of use are some light marks on the exterior on the video light, and some water marks on the arms. The strobe has had hardly any use, as I was primarily shooting video. The camera is in perfect condition without a scratch on it. It's spent 99% of its time in the housing! It's really a fantastic camera. The size of a compact, but with full manual capabilities, all of which are accessible whilst in the housing. Comes with a an extra battery. The housing is in near perfect condition, with only a couple of very minor external marks. The kit includes two filters. One which can screw directly into the threads on the front port of the housing, and another which can be placed in the back of the wide angle lens. They both have "grabbers" attached to one of the arms, so you can use them, or remove and store them during your dive. The video light is 3800 lumens, and has three brightness settings. I went for a powerful light as I wanted to be able to have the light source as far from the subject as possible (giving a softer light), whilst still getting a good strength of light. The strobe is one of Ikalites "lower range" strobes, but honestly I wouldn't want anything bigger than it on a rig this size. It works very well. The Ultralight arm system is excellent. Easily adjustable in the water, hard wearing, and capable of many different light positions. Each arm is made up of two 8" sections, giving great reach and positioning flexibility. The whole kit packs down into a Lowpro Flipside Sport 10L backpack (approximately 40cmx20cmx20cm), which I'm including in the package. I work as a professional videographer, and dive instructor, and always take great care of my equipment. if you would like any validation of who I am pls contact me for details. Total Value of items bought new: Aprox $5100CAD BEFORE TAX (Aprox due to varying USD-CAD currency values) Asking Price: $3400 CAD
  2. Hello, Im a Padi instructor and underwater videographer, based out of Montreal, Canada. Ive done most of my diving and teaching in SE Asia, and while Im in Montreal I work as a cinematographer. Thanks! Kes
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