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  1. Bruce, Yes mine is interchangeble. Craig
  2. Bruce, Yes I would consider selling without the port. I am fairly certain it excepts the AQUA VIEW FINDER I was looking into getting one at one stage. Any idea how I can double check this for you? It has 1 bulkhead to suit Ikelite. Shipping to the States would be about US $55-65. Craig
  3. I have for sale, 1 x Cannon 5D Aquatica housng and 8 in port. Some scratching on port but not noticable once undrwater. AU $2200 2 x DS 200 stobes, complete set of arms, 5 and 8 in and sync cable and charger. AU $2200 2 x DS 200 strobes wth manual controllers. AU $1850 1 x Gavin short body AU $3500 First scooter to go comes with 7 amp charger 1 x Gavin long body AU $3500 1 x Halcyon 13.5 18w AU $1400 Cheers Craig
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