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  1. LOL, thought this was too funny to not share. I'm used to my pictures of model being published, but Playboy Slovakia did an actual feature article on my recent photo trip to Fiji (models shooting content) and not only did one of my underwater photo's make it into the article (the blue starfish), and the resort pics get used, but an underwater selfie picture of me diving was included in the article as well! You never know where your pics will end up, lol!
  2. I'm looking at booking a private group charter on the ScubaSpa in the Maldives. I unfortunately won't have time to do the usual site visit/test trip due to scheduling, so I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has been on their current boat and experiences their services first hand. Luxury level of the boat? Quality of service? Issues you experienced? Problems/obstacles to be aware of? This group is a traveling group of glamour/nude models, shooting mostly for playboy and maxim magazines. We'll be doing very limited diving, mostly looking for remote beaches, privacy, and complete relaxation on the boat when not working. Quality of service/food and level of luxury are the two biggest concerns for the group as this is 50% vacation as well. Thanks for your input!
  3. price lowered to $3200 for everything!
  4. To publically answer the question of what lenses do these ports match-up with: You can look at Ikelites spreadsheet to see all the lenses that work but I had them for 15mm sigma f/2.8 fisheye, 40mm canon f/2.8, 35mm sigma f/1.4 art prime, 50mm sigma f/1.4 art prime, 100mm canon f/2.8Lmacro. Those ports fit most of the standard lineup youd use. The 40mm is the pancake lens, the 100mm is one of the longest. Better list of Canon lenses and matching ports (you need to call Ikelite to get the match-up for Sigma lenses): https://www.ikelite.com/collections/fl-lens-ports
  5. I'm a traveling glamour photographer shooting models on beaches. We were going to a remote dive resort in Fiji so I bought this complete set-up last month for their famous tiger shark dives. Didn't get enough free time to do more than 4 total dives with this rig (2 tank shark dive @60', 1hr pool session filming the models doing Discover Scuba class, 1 hr shore dive filming models doing first ocean dive in Discover class). Overall I don't see myself dragging this case around to many other events, I just have too much above water gear to begin with and for lighting I really do enough video it makes sense for me to have video lights. This kit is as PERFECT as you can get, here's your chance to get a complete rig for half of what you'd normally spend! 100% functional and perfect cosmetic condition. Housing works with the Canon 5D mkIII, 5DS, 5DR and the latest 5D mkIV models (must install the included rubber washer kit). Some of the pieces below have not been used at all (like the flat port assembly I bought to do macro stuff with my 100mm macro lens, only was too busy all week working on above water model shoots to do the nudibranch dives!). Here's what you get: Ikelite 6871.03 Housing for Canon 5D Mark III (5D mkiv with included kit below) Ikelite 5510.45 8" Dome Ikelite 5510.35 Flat Port Assembly Ikelite 5509.27 Standard Zoom Clamp/Sleeve Ikelite 5509.28 Special Zoom Clamp/Sleeve Ikelite 4070.01 SA-100 Arm/Single Cord Kit Ikelite 1061.1 DS161 Strobe (x2) Ikelite 4067 Li-Ion battery (x2) Ikelite 4067.1 Li-Ion battery charger Ikelite 4080.02 Double Ball Arm Ikelite 4080.05 Compact Ball Arm Ikelite 4080.06 Ultralight Double Ball Arm Ikelite 5510.28 Port Ikelite 5510.22 Mod Port Ikelite 5510.11 Mod Port Ikelite 4103.51 Single TTL Cord (x2) Ikelite 4103.52 Dual TTL Cord Ikelite 9295.02 update kit mkiv (can be reversed and used for mkiii) Ikelite 945.01 Strap Wrench for port Ikelite 200.5 Flat port Neoprene Cover Owners manuals, warranty paperwork, lube, gaskets, tools and spare pieces all included, even the original boxes and padding each came in! As a bonus, I also have a 3rd party dome housing for a GoPro Hero5. Good to about 15' deep, it's an acrylic dome with a housing for the Hero5, floating handle and removable trigger system that allows you to capture amazing 1/2 below water shots. Perfect for snorkeling or pool work (we used it to film new divers going through their Discover Scuba dive). Also a Pelican 1615 Wheeled AIR case with foam cut for all of the above (total weight with everything above in the case is only 38 lbs!) with a little bit of room to spare for extras. Total cost for everything above (obviously, the camera body and lenses are not included!) was around $9,000.00 new. Asking $4,000.00 obo. Might be willing to separate a few of the generic pieces and case if you're just looking for the housing and already have your own lights. I'm in Philadelphia, PA USA, willing to ship worldwide at buyers expense, or meet anywhere in the greater Try-state area at no charge. PM your email if you'd like higher res or additional pics.
  6. brother label maker. i put the label on the inside of everything, and then wrap around cords as well. As a destination photographer, I am often with 5-20 other photogs at events, and most of us have similar gear. someone is always borrowing a cord or battery, and this is the most effective way of getting my stuff back, as well as identifying my gear when traveling with others. I get made fun of all the time for it, but often see the same photogs later labeling their own gear once they loose a few pieces, lol
  7. Im a pretty frequent traveler with my gear. Even in precheck line, my bag gets stopped if it goes through unopened. They told me to just open the bag before putting it through and now I just do it everytime. My carry front panel opens up like a clamshell revealing all my lenses and batteries. Havent had a problem since i started doing that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Tom, Thanks, I too wondered that but inquiries to shops selling it had no idea since they said it had not been tried before. I was hoping to happily discover it did work, lol. I bought the Ikelite optical trigger and an extra long cord, so will be trying that. If the strobe itself then meets my needs, I'll be tasking an EE friends to wire up an adapter for my Pocketwizard to fire the Ikelite optical adapter to test the HSS capabilities. My backup is the Godox 360 strobe and building some form of shallow waterproof housing. It's a cheap enough system I won't feel so bad about it if gets damaged by the water, lol. The worlds of underwater, travel, and budget photography are merging more and more every year. I was told the latest line of lights from Light & Motion were actually designed for the Redbull Antarctic expedition's video needs, not underwater use. Sealed, light weight, travel friendly and easily recharged/built in battery light solutions are in demand from many different branches of photography. It's not going to be long before a solution is offered that works for all of us! Thanks for you input!
  9. I am looking for a way to connect a pocket wizard to a Ikelite DS-161 light. Equipment: Canon 5d mkiv (no housing) Ikelite DS-161 strobes Pocketwizard TT1/5 triggers (optional) Criteria 1: RF type frequency (For about 50% of the shots, the lights will not be in line of sight) 2: HyperSync/High Speed Sync compatible My needs are 2 fold. I do destination glamour photography and often shoot models in/around water. I would like to (#1) get more artistic and creative and have the ability to fire strobes underwater for lighting effects in pools of water. Think a glowing pool infront of a waterfall with green gels and in the actual waterfall/behind the water in red for a shower of sparks effect. The light may be in water or getting wet, which makes the DS-161 ideal. (#2) I want to cut down on the amount of gear I'm traveling with. I'd like to only have to travel with 1 set of lights and leave the larger dry lights at home (with just a few speed lights as backups). What I've been able to find sofar... -Ikelite has an optical sensor, and can be used with an extension cord, but it's been my experience that this is not a reliable solution and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to use a remote cord and keep it out of the shot. -Aquatica makes the Water Wizard waterproof solution, which is ideal, but it's $425 each and seems to work only with the Pockewizard III. I use the FLEX TT1/5 combo so I can shoot high speed which the III doesn't support. Shooting HSS is a necessity for a lot of these scenes. I don't NEED the trigger to be waterproof as I assume it will connect to the DS light with a cord and sit somewhere dry (or in a ziplock when around the waterfall splashes). Plus, at $425 PER light, the sheer cost of this adds up pretty quickly. So, my question to the experts -Do you know of a ready to purchase solution (did I mention my next trip I leave 11/15/17?), which will allow a Pocket Wizard TT to connect to and trigger a DS-161? -Do you know of another trigger system that does HS/HSS and would trigger the DS-161 -Do you know of any home hacks to build a trigger system for the DS-161 that meets the above criteria? Any help or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks -Ronfoto.
  10. I'd be interested in the 17-40 lens, extension and 100m extension tube, please dm me if you're willing to seperate
  11. I'm an accidental pro land based photog (glamour mostly), have tried to self teach through youtube videos underwater photography and was just told about this forum from a Nauticam rep at the DEMA show. AOW diver for 29 years, the underwater photos have always been for fun, but recently trying to merge with my paying work. Looking forward to seeing and sharing content here. Untill I can figure out how to post my work here, you can see select examples at www.instagram.com/ronfoto.
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