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  1. This is my first post as a new member and I am already kicking myself for not joining sooner. After coming back into diving from a three-year 'domestic' lay off, and buoyed by my last outing on a photography workshop run by Saeed Rashid, I decided that I wanted to do more than point and shoot. I researched online and bought a Canon G7X Mark 2 package based largely on positive reviews. It's a great camera with amazing colour and despite the limitations of the set-up (no strobes or wide angle) I returned from a recent Red Sea excursion with some very nice shots - certainly better than I expected. Unfortunately during the trip and subsequent weeks it has hit home that the camera/housing is not really flexible enough for what I want to achieve. I am back at square one but having spoken to industry experts and gained a better insight through books such as Alex Mustard's excellent Underwater Photography Masterclass I now have a firm plan of action. My advice, reflected in other comments on this forum, would be to think very carefully about what type of diving you will be doing, what you are hoping to achieve with your photography and then tailor your package accordingly. Speak to as many people as you can about the limitations of systems and compatibility of equipment to avoid wasting your time and cash. I set out with a similar budget, only to realise that a good housing alone will cost a grand - and more. It has become obvious to me that even with the eye for a good shot the results will be greatly enhanced with the right equipment. I have also realised that you largely get what you pay for and the better equipment holds its value well on resale, so if you're serious in any sense of the word expect to have a large hole burned in your pocket.
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