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  1. Greetings, From another really unhappy DX8000G buyer. I bought this camera because of its ability to soot pictures of large file sizes (NC TIFF). Now, as others have discovered this is basically a worthless format since the files can't be opened with the standard picture software of the world, Photoshop. And Sea & Sea (USA) does admit this problem. Ricoh knows about the problem; I'm not surfe if they care. This system is worthless to me if the NC TIFF pictures can't somehow be moved to Photoshop. I'm a Mac user & carry a Powerbook for downloading pictures from my digital cameras. I can move these NC TIFFs to the Macs but can't open them in Photoshop. Well, that's not altogether true. Some will open in iPhoto; others will not - for whatever that means. I tried the suggestion about about HP 8250 software. Finally located downloadable 8250 software - for Mac OS 10.2"+. And guess what, nice window comes up that will open the NC TIFFs. Probably a Mac thing that the PC will & the Mac won't. So - does anyone else out there have any suggestions about this problem. I'd appreciate hearing from you. Bonaire is looming. Robert
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