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  1. Looking for used Nauticam port #65 for Olympus 60mm Macro lens
  2. I have so much stuff and now time to clean it up a little. I want to sell: Nauticam housing XZ-1 with two cameras Nikon WP-N1 housing for J1 & J2 cameras. Brand new. ULCS tray, grip and single flexi arm Sea & Sea tray and arm Aquatica double tray, two grps and balls UK-40 spot focusing flash light with tilting shoe holder Ikelite Nikonos Inon dual sync cord (TTL?) Sekonic analog light meter Weight belt with weights Ikelite huge viewfinder See all photos and let me know if you need anything else.
  3. Getting older and have to move to 4/3 cameras and housings. Need to sell Sea & Sea custom macro and wide angle ports, 20mm extension ring, single and double sync cords, lens gears for Nikon 28-85mm, ED 12-24mm, 2,8/20mm D and much more. See all photos and let me know if you need anything else.
  4. what is the price for this kit include shipping to US? Alex.
  5. Hello What is the port number? What is the best price for 60mm macro and port include shipping to US? can you send me a pictures. Thanks, Alex.
  6. Hello I am Alex from NJ, USA, 65 years old, diving experience from 1975. In "previous life" professional jewelry photographer, now retired. I've been with my UW camera in many places in the world and now go to Philippines again. Looking for a new buddy/roommate.
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