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  1. i tested the set uw for macro shots last sunday, my setting is as follows: iso 100 manual mode macro on f8 1/125 must flash on to trigger a ys 27 at some 10m uw with visibility around 5m, the lcd is so dim that i cannot even clearly see the subject, it will brighten again for 1-2 secs when you focus, this is hardly enough for composition. i read the manual and found out that the lcd will go dimmer if yr setting is under, but my experience is that it is so too dim for any photography i used to use the above setting for Canon A640 and Olympus 5060 and didnt come across this, a fd of mine told me that it may be due to bug anyone has any insight on this plsssssss.
  2. Excuse me for showing my kindergarten work amongst all of u master. At a first glance, the picture is as common as a common hermit crab feeding on a clam. But while i was reviewing the pic, it came to my surprise that there is in fact an infant on the left bottom corner. This discovery added an interesting baby-sitting story to the pic, which i very much like to share with you. Olympus 5060, 2 x Inon 180 strobe
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