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  1. This was posted 5 years ago, without any great recommendations at that time. Anything new out there? So many resources for underwater photography, so few for video. I found this: http://www.jeffgoodman.co.uk/Book.html– published 5 years ago. Curious if there are others I've missed.
  2. $380 Can ($300 US) + shipping
  3. Lightly used (~10 dives) – near new condition, works great. Includes everything provided with new purchase (diffuser, manual, o-rings, grease), and a ball joint (if requested).
  4. on hold for potential buyer
  5. Only lightly used (~10 dives). Excellent condition. Fibre optic cable included (not OEM). Can also add ball joint if requested. $300 US ($380 Can).
  6. Hello, I am Markus, from Canada. A scientific diver with an obsession for underwater photography.
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