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  1. Thanks for all the info! I'll check it out. And I'll check with my wife about the shared bathroom problem.
  2. Thanks, the weather information is what I was looking for. I hoped that I would get enough responses to build up a consensus on diving conditions and dive operators - that's what I meant about a "scientific survey!" The Ocean Rover is a well-run boat with super divemasters who know every inch of the Andaman Sea. (And the food is great!) Anybody had a similar experience at Raja Ampat?
  3. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delay in replying. Just got back from an Ocean Rover trip to the Andaman sea - great crew and great bunch of people. Is there something comparable in Raja Ampat?
  4. Can I ask two questions of all you world-travelers? 1) What time(s) of the year have you been in Raja Ampat, and how was the visibility? 2) What was your best liveaboard experience there? Thanks!
  5. Thanks to all for the advice! I am embarrassed to say that a more careful analysis shows that the problem is primarily with the lens and not with the dome. I have now taken a long series of pictures using the dome, above and under water, and find that the 16-35 L lens is surprisingly soft at short focus distances in the range from 25 to 35 mm focal length. I hadn't picked that up before because I have primarily been using the lens above water for wide angle shots. So I will simply have to be cautious in zooming in under water.
  6. Thanks for the insights! If it is really true that the eight inch dome won't improve sharpness throughout the zoom range, then maybe I am stuck with only using the zoom range from 16 to 22 mm. The entire zoom range works fine above water, though, so I continue to wonder whether the lens is simply unable to focus on the virtual image in the range from 22 to 35 mm. In that case, having a virtual image a bit further away, like in the eight inch port, might help.
  7. As I read the Ikelite port chart, it has a ?* that means I don't need to add a 4 x diopter. And the lens is awfully close to the inside of the port, so there may not be much room anyway. But it is intriguing that you can get so close with such a diopter. Does it seem to affect image quality? I am trying to find out if the 8 inch dome may solve my problems, but the possibility of focusing really close intrigues me. I tend to be a closeup sort of person, and also have a port for the 100 mm macro EF lens that works superbly.
  8. Help! I have just purchased an Ikelite housing for a Canon 20D, with a six inch dome port for my 16-35 L lens and a flat port for my 100 mm macro lens, both Canon. I love the TTL flash, which gives wonderful exposures. But I have a real problem with the port. It gives lousy, blurry pictures with the zoom lens when I focus close. Does the eight-inch port solve this problem? Ikelite was coy about this when I asked them. If I want sharp pictures I may have to go with a flat port and a 24 mm fixed-focus lens, which I hate to do because it will reduce my flexibility. Any info will be greatly appreciated, since I am leaving for the Solomon Islands in six weeks.
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