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  1. hi guys. i hv the old canon G7x mark 1 and Nauticam G7X housing. i want to upgrade to Canon G7X Mark II. my question is Will the new Canon G7X mark II fit into the Old Nauticam G7X ?? thx you
  2. Just returned from tulamben-Bali Got some pictures to share baby frog fish
  3. Finally i have an opportunity to try this new wide-angle lens on my nauticam G7X Short trip to Tulamben-BALI Overall, I'm happy with the performance of this lens. some advises from me 1. don't forget to zoom a little bit when you turn on the camera. otherwise u will see a black spot at the corner of the frame (due to 24mm lens on canon G7x) 2. use at least F8 - below F8 the corner is a bit soft some pics from WWL-1
  4. interesting... I want to know more about nauticam Sony A7II housing. I'm planning to buy one soon So, If we are using live view on the camera, can we trigger the flash?? Or in order to use the Inon flash on this housing, we have to use the viewfinder mode. Thanks Andree
  5. Hi Guys, yesterday i went diving with my new "set-up" gears I added 2 Mega arms Inons for my kits here is the picture I was surprised by how heavy this kits. Last week I went diving without Inon mega arms. I was Super heavy underwater. I can't take a macro picture by using one hand only, it was too heavy... Then yesterday, after i added 2 mega arms inons, It's still negative buoyancy I thought It would be neutral underwater Maybe for the next dive I will add 2 nauticam carbons arms (25cm each) for this kit. anyway, here are some pics from yesterday thx
  6. Hi, I got these pictures from Japanese divers. is it true that Trigger Fish can "eat" your dome??
  7. Hi, Do you need to change the front port to the Short port N50? I'm using Nauticam G7X, In order to use Inon UWL 100 28ad, I need to use Nauticam short port N50. If i keep using the Standard port from Nauticam G7X, it will be vignetted. How about this new wide angle lens? It would be nice if i dont need to buy the Nauticam short port N50 Andree
  8. I'm sorry, i was not clear on the last quote. What i mean by "Quality" of the light is; Before I'm using Canon G7X, i was using Nikon D3X (SeandSea housing) and S&S YS 90dx. I wasn't too happy with the macro picture from that combo. I think the flash was too harsh. Then I bought S&S YS250. The result was so much better. the light is "softer" more natural. (maybe do to the ring tube of the flash at YS 250 ?? I really hv no idea) Today, i don't want to experience the same thing. I have never tried inon flash before. However, looking at your anemone's crab picture, I think it's nice (Nice picture bro ) OK... i think I know what to buy now Thank a lot guys Andree
  9. Hi Tim, Hi Manta Ray Thank you for the advices you both are right... basically If I buy inon S2000, I cant shoot wide-angle. I Live at Indonesia (Lampung-Sumatra Island) The Visibility in my place is not good. i think it's only around 3-5M Shooting wide-angle is almost impossible here (the reef condition is bad... due to Blast fishing/dynamite fishing) I can only enjoy underwater wide-angle photography IF i'm on vacation to Bali However, I'm really corious about the light quality from Inon S2000. Is it the same with Inon Z240 ? Thank You Andree
  10. Hi. I just bought nauticam G7x + nauticam CMC wet lens. Now i want to buy strobes. I shot macro almost all the time (95%) I dunno which one to buy. I like s2000's size. It's very compact and i think the power is more than enough for macro. On the otherhand, Z240 is bigger and more powerfull (should be good for wideangle pics). Do you think, I Will be wasting my money if i buy Z240 instead of inon S2000?? Waste of power Heavy Big And, is the STTL mode at inon Z240 better than S2000 ? "More clever?" Or they both share the same technology. Thank you ANDREE
  11. I would suggest u to use Nikon CLS. Nikon CLS is very smart and easy to set up. I always using it, whenever I want to do outdoor portrait here is one example of my work on this one, I was using Pocket wizard and SB 900 + White Umbrella Andree
  12. Ohhhhhhh...!! i thought it's for Sony SR 12 hahahhaa anyway, thank you for the answer
  13. hi Vit'art Could u please tell me, where can I buy this housing in Asia? (For Sony SR 12) I live in Indonesia. Thank You Andree
  14. Yes, you are right eric! last sunday, i tried using Ys-90 auto and Ys-110 with Sea&Sea TTL III + Dx-D80. The results : i can't get the TTL worked. the Ys-90 didn't want to fire at all... ?? I'm confused now
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