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  1. I am asking 600 for this with the camera
  2. if I am violating a rule here please tell me- I haven't been online in a while on the board. but I have since upgrade to a Sea & Sea D50 housing and I have some things I need to clean out. I have a lightly used Tetra Housing for the Olympus C5050C- never flooded. Olympus C5050 good working condition was serviced by Olympus last year. Standard Tetra Port Port that works with Olympus lenses for the PT-025 housing/wetmate type lenses Pelican hard plastic case from L&M that has foam fittings for the camera and strobes. Also have two wetmate strobe cables for Sea&Sea strobes. ULCS Pivot tray- No arms- those moved over to my new housing. Private message me for any question or contact info- I will get photos this weekend- Travis-
  3. I have the following lenses and would like to maximize my use of ports based on what everyone might recommend. I picked up a DX-D50 housing- and I hreviously had 2 YS-90dx's. I have the following lenses 18-55 12-24 105VR 60MM I also need to decide if I should get the TTL converter.
  4. drop me a line- i have one laying around.
  5. This has been sold, Thank you. i can't figure out how to delete this.
  6. Hello Everyone, I recently picked up a C5050z and got the two Canon lens's Wide Angle and Macro, and was wondering if you all might be able to provide some review and suggestions, I have posted a few photos at http://www.crawford.winisp.net/working/ and I am using some Sony video lights until my strobes come it. The pictures were taken in Seattle at a very common dive spot known as Alki (aks Seacrest Cove 3) Thanks, Travis
  7. Here is my two cents on this, I use the dscp9 and the MPKP9 housing along with two HVLML20M Video lights (they are a little to hot) and get some great photo;s but I will be upgrading soon to something else. if the page is up it can be viewed at http://www.crawford.winisp.net Travis
  8. I have had the P9 and MPKP9 housing for about 5 months now, it has been to 136' with no problems and I pack along two HVLML20M video lights, and have taken several photos in the cold dark waters of the Puget Sound outside the Seattle area, some can randomly be seen at http://www.crawford.winisp.net Any questions please don't hesitate to email.
  9. tsc

    Dimage xi & housing

    Thanks for your info, but I have a DSCP9 and I think I am going to explore some lighting options for the camera. Travis
  10. tsc

    Dimage xi & housing

    Any guesses what this would run in USD and shipping to Seattle, WA
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