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  1. My trip to Tobermory is officially sold out! For the cottage anyway... still 2 spots remaining… https://t.co/XjM4evWTpN

  2. A diver explores a shipwreck. No strobes,… https://t.co/SmkU9l076d

  3. Today’s office... shooting at the fisheries and marine institute of Newfoundland, with @aframesurf1https://t.co/QsiaiXmtYb

  4. I looked at my IMDB today and found my newest… https://t.co/S3nbpdd5lg

  5. This week I have found my self on the Turneffe Atoll, where a brand new resort is still being built. Like Jacques C… https://t.co/y9gv5bNj51

  6. Mandatory colour suite photo! That’s a picture lock on #latchkeysibs. My first short film! Lookout festival world..… https://t.co/xGaXfrtQfC

  7. Nauticam 180mm Optical Glass Wide Angle Port - https://t.co/v4qgaePygJ

  8. New toys headed my way thanks to @noel__guevara ! Watervisions and @carlyunderwater will be… https://t.co/cPRXjWZZ2Z

  9. RT @carlyunderwater: Only two spots left to see the Niagara at night with #carlyunderwater and @truliwetsuits and… https://t.co/MhFHIhZEyY

  10. I want to win tickets to Indie88's 5th Birthday with @Metric & @DizzyTheBand! You can too: https://t.co/SlPhyPew0s

  11. One spot remaining! Book now for your chance to dive with me, #carlyunderwater on #padiwomensdiveday in Tobermory t… https://t.co/3gjGcjVqcB

  12. What an incredible day... I shot my first short film!! Hugest thank you to my co-DP… https://t.co/xaHJR8g9lS

  13. Have you ever mounted a camera sideways? Shooting 16K! #redusers #redhelium #greenscreenhttps://t.co/Lzng3mYn3S

  14. Pool shoot today!! Shooting a scene on a european TV series. Can’t tell you… https://t.co/VvTxO6dTHS

  15. This. Is. Awesome. Thank you A&W for making the change to paper straws. Why can’t @starbucks do this too?!… https://t.co/bQ3neFUbtJ

  16. Brand new ditty bag... gotta work it in! I’ve only waited 10 years to own one!!… https://t.co/xgHEUwJCn1

  17. An oldie, but with new colour. #tbt to the time I snorkelled with a whale shark. 🐋🐬🦈#whaleshark… https://t.co/He9nB4e5rD

  18. Still two spots available diversden this August to five with @carlyunderwater and… https://t.co/EfKekubh5e

  19. Only two spots left to see the Niagara at night with #carlyunderwater and @truliwetsuits and… https://t.co/MhFHIhZEyY

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