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  1. Hi guys. I use a 7d mark ii in a nauticam housing and both use it for video and stills. I am after a good tripod option for the video. Do any of you have any inputs on what to look for??
  2. My camrea is a Canon eos 7dm2 which is a cropped sensor camera
  3. i am in the market for some lights.. it is both for macro and also wideangle, so must be able to adjust. What is the go for lamps.. these, keldans or weefine??
  4. Hi guys. Still new to the DSLR world. I have the canon eos 7dm2 and a tokina 10-17. If i want to add a 1,4 extender, how much will it give and do i need anything else. Do the autofocus still work, and will i be able to use the 1,4 witm my 60mm macro as well. I use nauticam housing. I want some more magnification in the lense as the sharks i meet where i go diving are a bit skittish
  5. Hello everybody I am running a Canond 7dM2 and have a 60 mm macro for it and a Nauticam SMC. The question is if it will work if i buy a 20 mm or 25mm extension tube, will i still be able to use the SMC on the setup, or will it stop working optimal when the extension is on?? or will it work better with a extender? Looking foreward to some replies
  6. I use the smc on my 60mm macro and it works ok, so dont you think this one would work as well??
  7. Has anybody tested it with a non fullframe DSLR?? Want to run it on a 7d mark ii, if it works
  8. Hi Guys. Anybody used a canon 18-55mm for their dslr. I run a Canon eos 7d mii in a nauticam housing, and are missin the flexibility with my tokina or my 60mm macro. I would love to run it in a flat port, so i can use wetlenses. Go or no go? Let me hear your inputs Greetings Simon
  9. Hi guys I have bourght This new setup and are experiencing that i Got it to bouyant. I have 2 different ports, 60mm macro with a smc on a flip and the 4,3 port for the tokina 10-17. I use 2 Ss flashes and have 2 small torches on it. 2 9 arms connected with 2 7 alu arms from i-das. As flotation on each side i have 3 jumbo stick floats like these https://fotografit.eu/products/63-floats-for-arms/757-stix---floats-for-arms-jumbo/ Housing is nauticam Is it normal that it is so positive?
  10. I just bourght a dome from ameyer and it was a pleasure. Very professional shipping and packing and super fast delivery. I will highly recomend this seller and will for sure buy equipment from him again Greetings Simon
  11. Giants90, do you have a pic of the setup
  12. I allready have the 60m macro and a smc, so on that area i am covered.. it is only the wideangle i need to cover :-)
  13. well, i am still confused.. if i go diving, meet a big napoleon, frogfish or rhinopias, i still want to get good pics.. will the tokina also work for those things?
  14. Many of the pics will hopefully be mantas and also sunfis to clarify that if it makes it different
  15. Hi guys i have taken the step and went from my loved compact kit and bourght a housing for my canon 7dm2. I am mostly macro geek, and have that part covered, but as i am planning to do a komodo tour i also want i wideangle. Many people talk very good about the tokina10-17 fiseye, but as i also shot alot of pics on land, i am a bit afraid of the whole fisheye thing ( i dont like those super bend pics) Will it work wonders under water or is there a rectilinear lens that is better?? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys. I have a compact setup at the moment and are happy with the flexibility of taking both wideangle and macro shots in the same dives. I have a 7d mark II and are thinking of taking the step and buy a undewater hausing for it. I am looking at nauticam. Are there any lenses that gives me a similar flexibility, so i can still take pics of sharks and pygmy seahorses on the same dive? I know the wideangle will but be as good as a dedicated port for it, but for the macro it can be possible to put on a wetlense. Is this realistic or a impossible thourght? greetings Simon
  17. Hi. My name is Simon and i am from Denmark. Keen macro diver and photographer. Most of my diving is in indonesia
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