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  1. Yesterday evening I got the letter from Kelly that I was waiting for. Thank you very much! Csaba
  2. Bill: no word from anyone from laups yet. I've sent you a mail, and continue to wait. I am not impatient nor worried. Just would like to know what's up Thanks! Csaba
  3. Thanks for your help, Eric, mail sent! cheers, csaba
  4. oh look, another month has passed without any news or notification from the organizers about the final standings and decisions on prize distribution. sad thing, that (the possibility) fraud knocks over such a great competition. even more sad how communication is handled. csaba
  5. any news with this, guys? no word from them since...no answer to emails... not quite what I had in mind when I entered...
  6. Hi Everyone! Anyone have a clue on whats up with prize distribution at LAUPS? Maybe just some mis-communication issue because I did not even get notified about my II. place (thank you wetpixel for letting me the good news ) and since that time (mid december, last year) I have written them two emails to the address on site - but alas, no answer. Did any of you who placed there get any info yet? Thanks very much, Csaba ps: sorry if I got this thread in the wrong forum...
  7. Hi Everybody! The gallery is now online, some really great shots there, I am happy a happy thrid placer in wrecks (big congrats, Uwe!). Btw, Frederik's Ghostship is a real beauty as well. And so are the others! Have a nice day Csaba
  8. Wishing you a formula-1 paced recovery, back to the water with you, as soon as possible. Get well soon! zook
  9. heey scubamoose, you taking your toys to school??? weeeell done, some really nice pictures there. illumination with a torch is a really good idea, played with it a bit some time back, I think it has great creative potential. thanks for sharing! zook
  10. Thanks Tim, I'll surely try to shoot it this way next time. The main lesson I learnt now was that it's nice to compose dead on in the viewfinder, but next time I'll include a wider shot as well to play around with the cropping. I'll try to do it the way you suggested, maybe there is some reserve in the raw file. Thanks for the suggestion! Zook
  11. thanks karel, aqua-soul, karel, i have a horizontal shot as well, looks like this: aqua-soul: same thing here, I chose the vertical because I too feel the dynamics of that alignment, but it's true that it also has a feeling of easily "tipping over"
  12. Hi folks! This September I was trying to do something different with seahorses. We were diving together in a small area so I figured a lot of us will meet the same yellow seahorses, so I chose to take another photographic route. I have recieved both right and wrong for this pictures, so I've decided to my picture to your mercy I took it for granted that by now people have seen (and in our club have had seen because many of us were shooting them) a lot of seahorses, so just another portrait would be like a drop in a pond. My route was to use very shallow dof to detail the eyes and show it's little white spots on the mouth part in defocus because i figures these blurry spots are just plain nice... The little guy was sitting on the bottom among lots of seagrass, but moving him was naturally not an option. What do You folks think? Is it something nice or is it just a road leading nowhere? Thanks for the feedback! Zook
  13. Congrats Alex, it was a wonderful picture! You on the list is more than well deserved! zook
  14. Hi! Just a tiny thread to inform you my dear friends, that 2 of my pictures from my Indonesia trip were published in the November issue of the Hungarian edition of National Geographic Magazine! They're far from full spreads, but, hey, there're there, inside Have a nice day u all these were the lucky two:
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