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  1. Hi there. I have some basic questions, I 'd love some feedback from those that used a Threaded Filter for underwater photography. I will have my answers in two weeks , but I prefer not to ruin a dive or two . I just bought a Threaded Red Filter and searching a bit on the usage I found some details that I cannot put together. In some place was written that with Threaded Filter you have to decide if you gonna use it or not before getting underwater since you cannot take it out and put it back while diving. So tighten it before jumping in the water. On another e shop I found a Threaded Red Filter for sale that had specified that can be attached /detached underwater. First question is: are there different Threaded Filters, some that will allow some that will not allow you to attached /detached them underwater? Second: If I tighten the Threaded Filter really well while still dry, as the first statement suggest, is there any chance it will crack because the pressure and the air layer between the filter and port? Not sure if tighten it will make the connection air / water tight. For reference: I use a Sony RX100 M1 with Meikon case. It has a 67 mm diameter for filter. Thanx! Sorin
  2. Hello! Sorin from Romania here. Starting with underwater photo / video for a while but I need to improve the results ...or quit . Trust I found a good place for information and discussions. Thanx!
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