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  1. I'd buy, but I just paid for a new housing...
  2. www.dvdrhelp.com has lots of howto info. It's pretty dense sometimes, but very useful. TMPGenc has a nice DVD authoring package. I was pretty happy with it. TMPGenc is also the name of software that edits mpeg video pretty easily. Not the greatest user interface IMHO, but the quality of its output is supposed to be very good. I'd help more, but I got a new powerbook and I'm playing with all the apple video and dvd apps. also... dvd-r tends to play better for me. dvd+r has worked reasonably well, but just hasn't been as playable.
  3. There's tons of image gallery software out there. Do people have any reccomindations out there? I prefer free software, especially since in this case it's more than capable. Any suggestions? Right now I'm using a simple script called album.pl from http://marginalhacks.com/Hacks/album/ which creates some nice static pages, but lacks any real features. I'm also playing with gallery from http://gallery.sourceforge.net This thing is loaded with features, but is pretty annoying to add large numbers of images to because it keeps a pop up window open while it's processing them. (I prefer shell commands for that sort of thing.)
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