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  1. $20 here http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=95_63&products_id=6021
  2. Possibly corrosion on the connector pins or cabling under the heat shrink wrap behind these pins which is causing a bridge and indicating a leak to the sensor. Do the connector pins have visible corrosion on them?
  3. 140mm glass dome, Great stuff Spencer!
  4. I’d look at the new Canon 11-24mm Have a look at this: http://www.nauticamusa.com/news/2015/5/29/canon-11-24-4l-usm-lens-support-testing
  5. Which strobes are you using? Do they have diffusers that you have attached? The diffusers in the link above are really designed for softer and more even Close Focus Wide Angle and Macro lighting rather than for wide angle shots like the one you posted.
  6. Or use a 1.4x Kenko teleconverter with the Tokina as another option to reduce the distortion.
  7. Nice, Blue Heron, I hope to get there around DEMA time this year.
  8. No plans that I am aware of at present, Richard.
  9. It took me 7 months and 16 emails to get paid for one image from Caters. Avoid. I’ve had better experience with Barcroft and National News.
  10. Yes, Small HD 502 is the way to go if you don’t need to record.
  11. My wife is our company accountant which puts me in a tough place every time I ‘need’ more stuff!
  12. Top tips! Shame there is little UK funding for a team from our side of the channel.
  13. Nauticam has an Ikelite bulkhead option, I’m not sure about other brands.
  14. On the Nauticam system, you’d need a 20mm extension usually with the Tokina and a large dome. I’d also buy a Sigma 15mm if you haven’t bought either yet, this fits directly behind the large dome.
  15. 60mm AF-S on Nikon D800, great for portraits
  16. Useless? Massimo! If I didn’t know you personally, I’d think, who is this character that keeps making these strongly-opinionated sweeping statements? I was able to do a 107 minute night dive with the Canon G7X using the internal flash to trigger Z240s (albeit set to minimum output) and the battery was not nearly dead at the end, is that useless? The battery life was a total non-issue for me, so much so it didn’t occur to me to even mention it in the review. I’d probably get a second battery though, but then I would with any camera.
  17. Sorry, I just saw this. I’d be tempted to get a less powerful diopter such as the Subsee +5 and keep the SMC so you cover more bases without the cost of changing your housing. The G7X certainly has a better macro mode than the RX100ii but comes with the issue of changing port for wide angle, not a problem for me being used to shooting DSLR but may be an issue for people used to the flexibility of compacts and their interchangeable lenses. You’ll always find a compact to be a challenge for skittish critters, some things are simply not possible, all setups are about understanding and living within the limitations and making the most of the opportunities the setup offers. This is true of the most expensive setups as you limit yourself to subject matter, or the way you deal with photographing that subject matter, by lens choice. That said, I personally prefer the interface of the Canon over the Sony, find its usage more intuitive and fractionally more ergonomic, and find the macro mode and the white balance far superior to the Sony. IQ seems much the same.
  18. Thanks, Tim, this time we were with Ecodivers and I had a guide who I loved, Man and then we had the famous Ben. Have you left Lembeh then?
  19. The upgrade kit from Nauticam is still available to my knowledge but recommended fitting by an authorised dealer as it involves changing a number of key components and specialist tools make this job much easier.
  20. 11. With SMC and Multiplier (no crop 1:1) ANother lens test, Nikon D750 avec 105mm 12 Nauticam SMC et Multiplier, no crop 13 D750, 105mm VR Nauticam SMC, F29, 1/200 14 15 Tiny dudes, D750, 105mm, SMC 16. LSD Prime , D750, 105mm VR, 1/200, F22 17. Coleman shrimp D750, 105mm and SMC, 1/200, F29 18. Baby Banggai, D750, 105mm 1/200 F22 19. Filefish D750, 105mm 1/200 F9 20. D750, 105mm 1/10, F22 I hope you enjoy.
  21. Hello all, Manado and Lembeh, love them! 1. Nikon D750, Nauticam, Sigma 15mm, Zen 200mm dome 2. Nikon D750, Nauticam, Sigma 15mm, Zen 200mm dome 3. Nikon D750, 105mm VR, F4, 1/320 4. Nikon D750, 105mm VR, Nauticam SMC (Super Macro Convertor) F29, 1/200 5. Nikon D750, 105mm VR, Retra LSD Prime Snoot, F22, 1/200 6. Nikon D750, 105mm VR, F22, 1/10 7. Nikon D750, Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan, F2.8, 1/320 8. Nikon D750, 105mm VR, Nauticam SMC, F29, 1/200 9/10/11 Lens testing 9, nudibranch D750, 105mm macro 10 With SMC Nauticam (no crop 1:1)
  22. You most likely have the AF assist on still which is the problem for the camera’s internal flash. Settings, If you want to use TTL, keep the camera in TTL mode and then put the INON to STTL, right dial to 12 o’clock and the button on the bottom right should be OUT. If you want to use manual, go to flash settings onthe camera, turn to Manual mode, turn to 1/128th output, put INON into M mode, use right dial to modifiy output, bottom right button should be IN (or the magnet should be IN for the Z220). The AF assist will only activate in low light and let’s out a series of short flashes to aid autofocus. This needs to be turned off.
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