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  1. The vis was actually quite good until I stirred it up trying to take shots of these blennies! Everywhere else was 5m apart from where I was For anyone interested, I took these with the 60mm macro on the Canon 7D using the Zen 100mm optical glass dome (because I didn't have the right length macro port). Although the pictures came out OK, my first impression was that I'd have preferred a macro port mostly because I couldn't use the wet diopter for added magnification. I'd definitely take a macro port with me next time.
  2. Hi all, Under Swanage pier in the UK today there were several black faced blennies which are usually quite uncommon here. I found one male who found a female and have a look what happened! Apologies for the scatter, 1 meter vis at best and they were on a vertical incline so I was upside down breathing salt water most of the time, thank goodness for the INON viewfinder Before he saw the female, he was relaxed and pale of face as soon as he saw the female, his face went bright blue!! with a nice blue face, he was ready for courting who could resist such blue-faced charms Admittedly not as pretty as mandarin fish but equally fascinating....
  3. That last picture really sums up UK diving beautifully So bleak!! Nice flabby Paul...
  4. Does anyone know about when Subal introduced their 3rd generation port mounts?
  5. This Flabellina was walking the tightrope across this dahlia anemone until one of the tentacles touched it and it got swallowed right up before my eyes. One microsecond it was there, the next it was gone! UK South Coast, Selsey pier, 7D in Nauticam housing with 100mm macro a couple more from the same dive, Minimalist corkwing wrasse and a lovely scorpionfish
  6. Nice one Mark, I too couldn't go back to not having a viewfinder, I love the INON 45 degree too for macro.
  7. Hello Thanks for the kind words @Adam - Selsey pier @Tim - keep pushing
  8. This time with the Nauticam 7D and 60mm macro - I always thought the UK was rainy and grey but underwater there are some wonderful critters! Hope you enjoy, any comments very welcome
  9. IMHO, as long as you have the 60mm macro first, then the 100mm certainly has its applications. Quite a bit harder to use though I find.
  10. I haven't tried the 550d but with the 500D you need to go through the menus but it can be done.
  11. Here's a photo, I can include the Anthis macro port too (worth $200)
  12. Hi all UK divers, Due to a cancellation there are three spots available on Wednesday 2nd June to dive and photograph the friendly seals of Lundy island. Trip total cost is £365 for the day, so £60 each if we can get 6 people. Non divers also welcome, they can have a tour of the island. http://www.clovelly-charters.ukf.net/ High tide is at 10am and seals are most playful three hours after so it'd be an early launch from the mainland (about 8.30am). PM if interested.
  13. Hi all, I'm selling up my old housing (and camera if required). It is a Patima housing for the Canon 450D which also fits the 500D. Comes complete with spare o'ring and all accessories, boxed and well looked after. This trusty housing has served me very well, I want her to go to a good home Has both 5 pin synch cord and optical fiber connectors, very compact and ideal for a starter dSLR setup. Can be used with both Patima and Anthis ports, I have a macro port which I can sell if required. I can also sell the camera body if interested. Hoping for about £1000 or equivalent for the housing and camera body together, or about £700 for the housing PM if interested
  14. Hi Carlos, Did you make that yourself? Nauticam have since refined the button using deeper and thicker grooves, but your solution looks very good. Alex
  15. We went on a boat dive from Wittering divers.
  16. Wow! Weren't you concerned by the Alligator? All very nice!
  17. Thanks all, I like the square crop too but never normally go for a square... We were at the Mulberries near Selsey.
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