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  1. Thanks Steve, One strobe on the first nudi, two on the rest, Brrr...
  2. Had a chilly 9 degree dive with a great group of UK divers yesterday on the south coast of the island. Lack of schooling fish and relatively poor vis meant focusing on macro textures and some of the many flabellina that were there, here's a couple of favourite shots taken with the D300s, 60mm macro and Nauticam housing. Hope you enjoy them, any feedback welcome
  3. Hi Adam, With my old Canon setup, I did the same as you, left to STTL, right to 9 o'click, magnet in and it worked... sometimes. Good luck Alex
  4. I love number 4! The look on his little face.
  5. I liked the 'throughout the universe', no payment mentioned, maybe I should go back and request some $$
  6. SMithsonian museum sent me an email saying they want to use my photo in a half hour TV programme about the Smithsonian competition. Honoured, yes, but they also sent me this 'materials release form' to sign. Would you sign this? Seems like I'd be signing over the rights to the image forever for them to do whatever they want. Can you help? By signing below and in exchange for good and valuable promotional consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Licensor grants to SNI/SI Networks, L.L.C. (“Smithsonian Networks”), its agents, successors, licensees and assigns the non-exclusive, unencumbered and irrevocable right, but not the obligation, to use all or part of the Material in and in connection with all versions of the Program, clips of the Program, other programs, the advertising and promotion of the Program, and in any institutional advertising and promotion in all markets and media (whether now known or hereafter devised), throughout the universe, and in perpetuity. Licensor warrants that Licensor is the sole copyright owner of such Material and has the sole right and authority to grant this permission and that Smithsonian Networks may use the Material without further payment to, or being in violation of the rights of, any third party. Licensor shall indemnify Smithsonian Networks, its parents, subsidiaries and affiliated entities, successors, licensees, and assigns and the respective officers, directors, agents and employees of same from and against all claims, liabilities and demands, actions, costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of Smithsonian Networks’ use of the Materials as provided herein, and for any breach of Licensor’s representations or warranties. Licensor agrees that Licensor’s sole remedy in the event of any breach of this license or otherwise shall be an action at law for damages, and Licensor hereby waives any right to seek and/or obtain equitable relief. This agreement constitutes the final and complete agreement between the parties. Any amendment to this agreement shall be in writing and shall be executed by an authorized representative of each party. To be effective, any proposed amendment made on this agreement through hand-written note(s), pre-printed stamp, or similar means must be specifically acknowledged by the initials of an authorized representative of each party. Purchase orders, invoices, or similar documents issued by Licensor shall not modify, amend, or supplement this agreement. A signed copy of this agreement delivered by facsimile or email shall be binding as though an originally signed copy had been delivered in person.
  7. Hi all, I'm pleased to say that I just won a holiday !! for the BSoUP print competition best in show! Winners for those interested can be seen in the following link: http://www.bsoup.org/BSoUP-DIVER_LIDS/2010/results.php I won a trip back to Egypt where I took the picture, in Marsa Nakari. My question, has anyone here been to Wadi Lahami and Marsa Nakari? I'm thinking of upgrading to a trip to Wadi Lahami. Is it worth the upgrade? Thanks for your help Alex
  8. Hi, In the case of the Nauticam, the D300s requires a different back plate to the D300 housing as the buttons are in slightly different places with an additional Live View button on the D300s. The housing fronts are identical though so it may be worth exploring the possibility of just changing you housing rear. I'm not sure with the D200. Alex
  9. Don't forget a nice high shutter speed too, My one experience with dolphins, I set TV at 1/250 and let the camera do the rest.
  10. I started with a 60mm macro and a 10-22 EFS rectilinear wide angle although the TOkina 10-17 is quite a bit cheaper and very popular. I still prefer my 10-22 though. MOst of my WA shots in the Egypt 2009 section on my Flickr page are taken with the 10-22.
  11. Wow, I lived in Byron for 1 year and dived most days, I never say a manta either! Lucky you!
  12. Ouch! I've got the answer for you Tim
  13. Have a sneak preview of the new member of the Nauticam family here: http://underwatervisions.wordpress.com/
  14. Latest update is that the production Nauticam housing for T2i/ 550D should be available in mid May.
  15. Very nice shots! I do like the pygmy too!
  16. Hey guys, Good to see you at the weekend, I thought I'd share my excitement here of my first diveshow representing Nauticam UK as UnderWaterVisions with a few photos from the event. Jacqueline Lai, research and development coordinator for Nauticam came over from Hong Kong to support the event. Here we are setting up. The whole Nauticam family were there D90 with 60mm macro port and FIT 67mm close up lens D300s with Zen 100mm dome port and 20mm extension with FIT focus light D700 with 8.5 inch Fisheye dome port (and 20mm extension please note 7D with Inon insect eye and Nauticam 60mm macro port lots of interesting people stopping by at the Nauticam UK stand... Jacqueline and Peter Rowlands Me and Len Deeley Saeed Rashid and Alex Mustard Martin Edge and Alex M All in all a splendid weekend (apart from my wife and son both getting chicken pox!), looking forward now to the next one (diveshow, not chicken pox). Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. Alex
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