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  1. Glad you have it now Gudge. I think quite a few people will be keen to hear your comparative review, me for one Alex
  2. Hi all, UnderWaterVisions will be officially launching and showcasing the full Nauticam range at the London International Dive Show. We'd be very happy to see any of you there. Alex
  3. Very nice! Which camera are you using?
  4. Hi Fergus, It seems to me that you have two choices, You can either setup so you have the Zen port attached to a Nauticam 'Subal 4th Generation to Nauticam adapter' attached to a Nauticam 20mm extension ring attached to your housing. Alternatively, you can have the Zen port attached to a Subal 4th generation extension ring attached to a Nauticam 'Subal 4th generation to Nauticam adapter' attached to the housing. Not sure which setup would be optically ideal, I'd be happy to hear Chris's thoughts on this. Alex
  5. Thanks Gudge for this, We tried this port alone with the Nauticam NA-D90 and Tokina 10-17mm but it won't fit. It seems like it needs at least a 20mm extension to fit into the port. Not sure how this will translate onto the NA-7D but I'd imagine the same story. Alex
  6. Hi all, Can anyone using this optical dome port tell me what length extension they are using, with which make of housing and with what effect please? Thanks Alex
  7. That first one is a peach, I love it!!
  8. I'm proud to say that one of my photos has reached the top ten finalists for the natural world in the Smithsonian magazine competition. Feel free to vote for it to be the winner if you like it or, of course, any of the other if you prefer. Some tough competition there so I'm very pleased http://www.smithsonianmag.com/photocontest...-10.html#IMAGES and congrats to Ethan Daniels with his lovely coconut shot!
  9. Great shots Adam! I've just ordered some 100mm Zen ports for the Nauticam housing to supply in the UK.
  10. Wowza! Yes that shrimp is a lovely shot!
  11. "I have counted at least three nice websites with pictures just in the US with distributers popping up all over the world." Speaking of which, UnderWaterVisions' (official distributor of Nauticam in the UK) website is up and running now at www.uwvisions.com I'll just sit here quietly and let the products speak for themselves.
  12. Hi Olly, I've just sent you a PM, I'm setting up as the official UK distributor of Nauticam housings and have a 7D prototype in the air as we speak if you want to see one in the flesh. Alex
  13. That is great! You've got some crackers there Nigel!
  14. The Nauticam housings do also have optional 5 pin bulkhead. A dual sync cord and you can trigger your strobes that way too. Alex
  15. I found the recycle time a bit annoying as Alex pointed out but I was using a cheap battery on a 500D rather than a Canon one, I think that might have had something to do with it. Alex
  16. Both are available, these guys think of everything ! Did I mention, I'm now the official UK distributor for Nauticam, so any UK based people are welcome to contact me. Website will be up shortly. Alex
  17. I've got the Patima housing for 450d which fits my 500d and I trigger with optical cable. It's very good and I'll be selling it shortly when the Nauticam 7D housing comes out.
  18. 2 INON Z240s Type 3 for sale, done about 60 dives, excellent condition, boxed as new. In the UK.
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