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  1. Hi all, I'm selling 2x Z240s. These are my Type IIIs which I have used on one trip to Egypt and about 30 dives in the UK. Boxed with all accessories, perfect working condition. I'm hoping for £450 each for them, cost £800 new at Ocean Optics and Cameras Underwater so grab a bargain. Alex
  2. The Canon 10-22 is another nice piece of glass... most of my wide angle shots from this Egypt collection are using that: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alextattersal...57622493226538/
  3. WHat a great thread! Nautilus are odd things aren't they. Snorkeling with dolphins in the Red Sea was definitely one of my underwater year highlights so perhaps this Canon 500D, 10-22.
  4. That's odd, I just phoned Fun-in and was told that $2300 is the price for the housing. They claimed that they don't know of an introductory launch price. Best check that one again. ALex
  5. Thanks all for your nice comments. I'm glad I got back in too
  6. Hey all, Haven't been in the water for over a year after a bit of a traumatic experience. Glad I went to Egypt last week... and my own fave, a lionfish in a baitball See more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alextattersal...57622493226538/
  7. Well, that sad time has come where I have to sell more equipment to pay for the baby ! My well loved Patima housing for Canon 400D/ Rebel XTi is now for sale. Ports can be interchanged with Anthis Nexus ports. I'm hanging on to my ports in case one day I can afford another housing but if needed I can look at negotiating prices on them. You can find the housing here http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=p...66c265c780cbe2a Housing includes two customisations. It is fitted with a Heinrichs TTL convertor worth US$200 It is also fitted with an INON 45 degree viewfinder worth US$800 All this has cost me about US$2700. Hoping for a sale price in the region of US$1750 which will keep the mortgage company off my back for another month. Alex
  8. I use them all the time, speak to Sam is also my advice. Always been very good.
  9. Hi Andy, If you are looking at courses in the UK, have a look at www.bsoup.org. If you've got some cash, Martin Edge does courses in Bournemouth http://www.edgeunderwaterphotography.co.uk/ but I'd just recommend spending some time browsing this and other forums and then spending you money on a dive trip to the Red Sea... taking the camera and snapping away If you are diving in the UK, probably good to start UW photography with a 60mm macro lens, then go WA later.. Just my opinion, hope ti helps. Alex T
  10. Update- Got a letter saying that honorable mentions get nothing... maybe I brought that on myself 57 sponsors.. hmmm Oh well, onwards and upwards
  11. Apparently... sorry all, I'm not normally a petty person. Just don't like injustice or being treated badly !! I'll leave it there... but I won't be participating in Beneath the Sea 2008 unless the organisers suddenly redeem themselves in some way... If they do, I'll let you all know
  12. I got an email saying that the letter of congratulations was lost in the post. Since then I have emailed them 5 times with no reply. Unless there is a perfectly reasonable explanation (which there might well be, I just haven't had the chance to find out), I am starting to think they are incredibly rude and am developing quite a sour taste in my mouth. They were quite happy to contact me when I was sending them US$50 to enter my images. As a Southpark episode I once saw.... I'd like to declare Shenanigans on BTS 2007
  13. Hi all, I got an honorable mention in the Beneath the Sea competition for a puffer shot. I haven't heard anything at all from the organisers of the competition, not an email of congratulations, nothing. I've emailed them 3 times to see if I've won anything with no response. Considering they have 57 sponsors on their website and have probably taken a good few dollars for competition entries I think this is a bit odd. Can anyone here shed any light on this, or have any other winners had any correspondance ? I'd quite like my money back Alex
  14. Hi Divers !!! I've had this set for about 8 months and have taken about 1000 photos with it. Recently upgraded to a Canon 400D UW setup so need to sell this one. Also, wife is pregnant so need some cash fast Included are the camera, a 1GB Mspeed XD picture card, an Ikelite housing with a front adapter for INON AD mount macro/WA and Fisheye lenses, an ultralight tray, arm and focus light mouting plate. It is ready to attach two strobe arms with 1 inch ball joints (could be Ultralight, INON, Sea and Sea or Ike 1"). Also included are two 10bar optical fibre cables with adapters to INON strobes. These can be attached to the front of the housing with the included velcro plates in order to trigger your strobes. Also, on the back plate are rails designed to fit the UN LCD magnifier (which I would be selling but it floated away on a dive recently!!). I'm waiting for a box to be shipped back from my old house which includes all the boxes and instructions for this setup which will be included together with any spare bits such as silicon gel and I think a spare o'ring. Please have a look at some of my photos here.. www.flickr.com/photos/alextattersall All photos except the Indonesia and Anilao sections are taken with the E900 Please email me for questions, I know it is a considerable investment but you can be assured that this item has been well looked after and barring some surface scratching on the housing, is in very good condition. Looking for about US$800 for all these bits
  15. Yes.. wish I could have stayed to watch them hatch... here's a few smaller ones Some more... Peacock Flounder pretty little crab eye gobies Coleman shrimp Whip goby
  16. Thanks for your positive feedback Drew ... are you based in Anilao then ?
  17. Shots from last week with Adrian (Solana) Uichico... If you are planning a trip... go to Solana... the dive site (Adrian has named Secret Bay) where we saw all these critters is over a small stretch of sand on we were the only people there each day... so far only discovered and explored by Adrian and his guides. Also.. not only is the diving out of this world, the food is awesome, the beds are unbelievably comfortable and the resort staff are hot (sorry Adrian) 8) !! A few Cephlo shots mostly from the same 80 minute dive... Mimic Octopus Wonderpus (see the advantage of the 45 degree viewfinder here) Bobtail Squid Flamboyant Cuttles (4 on the same site) Flamboyant eggs More to come once ...
  18. Thanks Loftus Amazing... and very clever to give it such exposure just before the competition... 50 hours !! More patience than me Top website too Claude !! Nice...
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