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  1. Oosantoo, I’ve just received my EM10 camera and the camera has a 1/250 max flash synch speed. I don’t see that being an issue so think this camera is even more attractive.
  2. The new powerzoom 14-42 is being evaluated and it is expected that a gear and port will be forthcoming.
  3. Thanks Trickster! For info, we pitch all our prices to the US$ price so subject to minor fluctuations, people pay the US$ price plus the VAT for the UK. It is not a 1:1 dollar to £ ratio at all. For example So whereas the US$ price for the EM10 is $1350, our price is £1030. Exchange rate US$ plus VAT. Shipping outside the EU to destinations with no local dealer will make the price approx $1350 also.
  4. First NA-EM10 housings have just arrived.
  5. You didn’t ask us for a quote. We can get you Zen products if you prefer.
  6. You also have to pay import duty which will be between 4% and 15% depending on the harmonised code of the item being imported. Then the 20% VAT and the handling charge of the courier. That unfortunately is why things cost more in the UK.
  7. I fried a Canon IXUS in a Taiwan hotspring some years ago, the flash never worked again after I used it.
  8. Strange I thought when I saw this, just so happens I have both a Subal and a Nauticam D7100 here so I weighed them side by side. Here are the results: Not sure where you are getting your stats from or if these are variants of the housings that I am unaware of:
  9. Hi all, I wonder what people are using as a lens of choice falling between the 100mm macro and the 8-15 Fisheye. Thanks in advance Alex
  10. If you are anywhere near Bournemouth, you are welcome to come and see the housings side by side.
  11. Hi Andre, It is a bespoke item, you’d need to speak to your dealer to get one. Alex
  12. For info... Nauticam have an off the shelf Subal viewfinder adapter to use on Nauticam housings.
  13. If weight is really a concern, I’d suggest looking at the EM10 rather than the EM1 camera and housing.
  14. Nauticam make two extension rings now with focus dials built in, a 70mm and a 30mm. With a bit of Buxton magic, you may find these will be of use.
  15. Yes, there is a bit of side to side play in those that I have used. Never been a problem though.
  16. I’d be more concerned with warranty issues.
  17. Yes, the EM10 housing has just been added to the official Nauticam price list, so pre-orders are welcome. I’d suggest it will be a smaller housing than the EM5 but it will incorporate some of the new design features of the EM1 housing, include the PCB for the vacuum system and the port locking mechanism.
  18. The change was about 2 years ago so no problem now.
  19. Hello, No, I have never managed to get a nice electric clam photo, I wonder if they are more a video subject.
  20. Check this little baby out http://www.retra-uwt.com/about-utrigger
  21. I can’t possibly open a Nauticam DSLR housing when the green light is on. Unless I use a crowbar.
  22. With the 7D, I’d turn off the half-shutter press off so you are focusing on the rear button, find a suitable subject, no current or swell, and a place where you can put a sand spike to rest the housing on. Use the rear lever to focus to the magnification you want approx then release. Using the sand spike, gradually ease the housing forwards and backwards until you see the subject in focus and then pull the shutter. Take lots of shots as the DoF is very minimal especially as you increase to 1:1 on the lens. Think about the out of focus areas and how they will appear in the image. Breathe and work within depths that you are very comfortable with. Spend 30 minutes with a subject.
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