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  1. We’ve had a total of 4 tray handles break in several hundred sold and these were replaced free of charge. The design was changed early to prevent any issues.
  2. And this is full locked at 1:1 on the 105mmVR with the SMC, uncropped., F25, 1/200, ISO320, D7100
  3. Here are a few more, all Nikon D7100 and 105mm VR Uncropped Cropped landscape to portrait Uncropped - same subject No SMC, 1:1 on the 105mmVR With SMC
  4. Sorry Mike, I thought you wanted to see hi-res uncropped. OK, photos 1,2,3,4 and 6 are uncropped, straight from the camera. 5 and 7 have lost about 5% in cropping, both from top and left.
  5. I can but I can’t upload them to Wetpixel. I can email you if you want Mike
  6. Thanks. I put the focus on the rear button so that the focus is blocked off on the shutter release and then edge in an out until I can see it is in focus.
  7. With the 105mm VR and the SMC, lighting and working distance are not an issue.
  8. Hello all, Just returned from a Photo workshop I was running in the Philippines. I didn’t take the 105mm macro off my D7100 for 9 days. Here are some results with the outrageously strong and sharp Nauticam SMC. Mostly uncropped.
  9. Sorry to hear that. I sounds like the securing pin on the inner dial has somehow loosened and come out. The gear on the inside should have a hole in it which meshes with a hole on the shaft. All you need is a thin, long something to fill this hole temporarily to keep the gear in place for this trip. Even a paperclip would do the job, wrapped around the top of the dial. You have the vacuum system on the housing I think so can check the integrity of the system. Email me photos if you don’t hear back from your supplier quickly and I’ll see what I can suggest. alex@uwvisions.com
  10. Yes, my friend Doug did well with the SMC on the 12-50mm in uncropped splendour
  11. The vacuum system will not fit into the NEX7 housing, the only MILC housings possible are the GH2, GH3, EM5 and now the newer GX7 and EM1.
  12. Karen, Just screw the Subsee +10 to the front of the macro port you are using with the 12-50mm, you’ll get good results with that combination.
  13. Great news Karen, look forward to some images.
  14. SMK82 - are you anywhere near the London DIve Show on the 15th/16th February? If so, we will have Nauticam housings on our stand for you to see.
  15. Karen, you could mount a T plate on the handle and then use a sliding locline T-plate base such as those by Ikelite or 10 bar to attach your locline arm to the handle.
  16. For Nauticam, you would use the Nauticam zoom gear which meshes with the zoom control on the inside of the housing so this is not affected by the port at all. Zen make a version with a detachable shade for using the 8-15mm on a full frame camera for a circular fisheye, I'd get this version.
  17. Hello Marc, 1. Yes it will 2. Yes it will Did we meet you at the Salon de la Plongée last weekend? Alex
  18. This is a nice example of the 12-50mm lens on the OMD-EM5 with the Nauticam Super Macro Convertor (thanks to Doug for the use of the image). It was uncropped and straight from the camera like this. The SMC screws into the M77 flip diopter holder but could also be used with a more inexpensive 77mm to 67mm step down ring.
  19. I have an A7 housing, I will take a few photos of this tomorrow alongside a D7100 and an EM1 housings so you can see the size difference.
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